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Northwood Homeowners approve four road repairs

By Matt Montgomery

The Northwood Homeowners Association (HOA) voted last Thursday to approve four road repairs totalling $40,725 in fees.

HOA Roads Chairman Craig Guy presented the crowd of about 80 residents with the details of the road repair project. Among the roads on the list of those in need of repair were all of Oak Hill, Alma to Marie, La Cresta from Deer Creek to the Northwest Expressway and Nancy Ann from Marie to Lakeshore.

The proxy vote forms, handed out to residents at the meeting, detailed that the cost of the road repair per resident would be $180 a year. The vote passed by two votes, 43 for the repairs and 41 against them.

Guy told the residents that Oak Hill Road would be the largest road on the list to be repaired. The road repairs will be completed by Howard’s Paving.

He told the homeowners that the Oak Hill project is 1,400 square feet of road to be repaired with a Type-B asphalt at a cost of $16, 800. He said Oak Hill is also the most traveled road in Northwood.

The second series of roads on the repair project is from Alma to Marie. This project is 4, 716 square feet of pot-holed road that will get a two-inch overlay of Type-B asphalt with a cost of $5,660.

The next area of roads in the Northwood road repairs project is La Cresta from Deer Creek to the Northwest Expressway. This project is 8,000 square feet of road. This stretch of road has deteriorated sides. Guy said that Howard’s Paving will make every effort to pave the road from the outside in and cover it with a two-inch overlay. This will be the first concentration of roads to be repaired. This repair will cost the homeowners $9,600.

The last section of road approved to be repaired is Nancy Ann from Marie to Lakeshore. He said Howard’s Paving will lay a skim patch on the existing road and seal it. There will be 100 tons of asphalt used to repair this stretch of road at a cost of $10,000.

“The reason we went ahead to repair this section at the same time is we approve these sections as line items,” he said. “By doing them all at once we get a break. Should we do these individually, the cost would be $54, 560.”

Guy said the final cost will be reduced because Howard’s Paving can bring their whole crew into the neighborhood and can make the repairs in a reasonable amount of time.

“Not only are we doing road work that needs to be done, we are saving money,” he said. “We have the resources to do it all at the same time.”

Guy said the 100 tons to fix the section of Nancy Ann from Marie to Lakeshore on its own would be $12,500. He said by approving four individual line items as one job saves the HOA more than $3,800 a piece.

This series of road repairs has been approved by the HOA twice because weather conditions weren’t right the last time they tried to start them.

“Howard’s interest in us and our request in him is don’t do this just to pacify us if the weather conditions aren’t right,” Guy said. “So, that’s the reason on two occasions we had to delay because we want road conditions to be right.”

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