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Intermediate School faced lock down situation

By Matt Montgomery

Piedmont Intermediate School students faced a scary situation Tuesday afternoon when their school went on lockdown at about 3 p.m.

Piedmont Police Chief Alex Oblein said he got word that Piedmont Fire Chief Andy Logan was flagged down by a resident while driving by the Intermediate School, claiming there was potentially a box that looked like it could be a bomb.

Oblein and other officers arrived on scene in less than a couple minutes after making contact with Logan.

Oblein said there were a couple of storage containers propped up in front of the drainage outlets at the Intermediate School. Piedmont School Resource Officer Scott Gibbons immediately took action and locked the school down until Piedmont authorities could identify what the boxes were.

Piedmont Det. Brian Dawson and Oblein approached the boxes and noticed there were holes in the boxes.

“Once we figured out what it was we unlocked the school,” Oblein said. Oblein speculated that the boxes were a makeshift refuge for stray cats. he said if they hadn’t seen the holes, they would have called the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Bomb Squad to inspect the boxes.

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