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Heavy rains, flooding destroy Piedmont’s already worn roads

Storms that brought heavy rains and flooding to the Piedmont area this week have taken a toll on area roads already in poor condition. Below are pictures of three separate areas in Piedmont damaged by record rainfall amounts.

For a full report, see next week’s Piedmont Gazette. All photos were provided by Piedmont Fire Chief Andy Logan.

Photo by Andy Logan This road at 234th between Cemetery and Frisco shows cracks and craves due to the recent storms.

Photo by Andy Logan
This road at 234th between Cemetery and Frisco shows cracks and craves due to the recent storms.


A portion of this road at 234th between Piedmont and Cemtery Roads has completely collapsed and remains closed.

A portion of this road at 234th between Piedmont and Cemtery Roads has completely collapsed and remains closed.

A portion Frisco Road between 234th and 206th collapsed due to recent heavy rains. It remains closed.

A portion Frisco Road between 234th and 206th collapsed due to recent heavy rains. It remains closed.


  1. Al Ridgely says:

    it seems that roads are a very low priority with the city since the early history of our town, Every election we hear a lot of promises for roads and a street dept. but nothing is done to get it done, WHY? Well it is mostly the residents lack of interest, no one holds the people who make these promises to them, and when you try to you get the old runaround , where is the money coming from?, well we can afford a ton of cops, we can have a very expensive fire dept. , and a ton of people in city hall, but no people who are doing real work. money is wasted on gravel for dirt roads like the 2 miles for a few houses on Cemetery rd. the road off of 220th costs almost $100k for 16 homes, WHY? someone should look at the road to get to it.why has no road studies done?,why are we still paying a drainage fee afire many years of no drainage work being done? now we pay a road fee and still no work is done, it seems that roads are not important to the city, I have tried to get things done to get people for a street dept. who would do nothing but fix pot-holes and work the ditch’s, but I find that the biggest problem is the lack of interest but the people of Piedmont, come to a council meeting and see that few people show up and that’s for a reason, if no one comes nothing will be said or done, I would think that people would get tired of repairing wheels, tires, and front-ends that are very expensive. Does it make sense, NO, but until we make it happen nothing will be done I hope that someone will step up and take some action like bill the city for repairs in small claims court or get something done before we get sued again and again for injuries or worse deaths because of bad roads, I contacted some county, and state people to see what can be done and got no where, so we will remain the POT-HOLE CAPITAL OF OKLAHOMA.I would like to hear from others on this with some idea’s and actions, I am open to starting a group like the wind turbine group that worked that issue so hard. Or do nothing and remain as is, it’s as important as anything we have to get done. just wait and see. Al Ridgely

  2. JT says:

    Some road work has been done. Two miles of 164th/Washington Road was recently reconstructed from Sarah to County Line. One mile of Sarah north of Edmond Road was also rebuilt. I can’t speak for anything else as these are close to where I live.

    Everyone wants a free lunch Al. The city tried to pass a bond issue a couple of years ago, but it went down in flames. The users want the roads fixed, but they don’t want to pay any fees for maintenance and construction of the roads. The only revenue the city has is sales tax, which is not much after they pay for the expensive fire department, police department and the rest of the city employees.

    The real problem is that Piedmont has annexed way to much land into it’s corporate limits. A city of 6,500 has no business covering an area of 44 square miles!

    I would also agree there is a lot of apathy as well. People love to complain, but they don’t do much than that. I guarantee you if enough people lit a fire under their city councilman’s rear end something would happen. Until then drive slow and watch out!

    • Al Ridgely says:

      Seems eight for the most part, Bond was a bad idea due to the roads chosen to be done, no reason that a good bond wouldn’t go on, the roads that have been done for the most part won’t last as the drainage is poorly done, look at Piedmont rd. north of 192, is falling apart on the shoulders; and big pot-holes are showing up, right in front of the Church is a night-mare , The main thing is we have no street dept. that we have been promised for many years, and we need it more than anything else in this city, trying to light a fire under any city councilmen is impossible as no on wants to step up and make others mad by leading, they are too busy trying to fight off the builders who want to compound the problem with more homes, making the problem worse not better. maybe they should DE-ANNEX land and get back to the small town that we all moved here to live in, Thanks for the input hope more do the same.

  3. Al Ridgely says:

    Hello again, I would like to give a big THANK YOU to our city manager and all the guy’s of the city service crew who have worked hard to start to repair some of the pot-holes along Piedmont Rd. , this only serves to show how much we need a street dept., Since so little attention is given to this problem due to lack of people and funds to support it, I hope that more people will start voicing the need for this and will call the Mayor, their Councilmen and any county or state representatives for help, This is a problem too long put on the back burner and will take a large effort to get under control if that’s even possible or the result will be accidents, injury or worse death to someone, We can only hope that doesn’t happen. It should also make our leaders more aware of how poorly our road work has been done in the past,we can only hope that there is some kind of help out there to had from the state or county in this matter, until then PLEASE CALL IN THE PROBLEMS. AGAIN GOOD JOB TO BUD AND HIS CREW,KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

    • Katherine Stewart says:

      Al – I’m right there with you! We need to get more folks involved. I’m new to Piedmont and Oklahoma for that matter and I have never in my life seen such terrible roads!! I had no idea that we did not have a road department. Who do we contact to notify them of potholes? I live on Mustang Road and there are some potholes that would most certainly do significant damage to a vehicle. Kat

      • Al Ridgely says:

        Well Katherine start with City Hall and then go to council meetings, talk to your councilman, and get others to do the same, we have over-looked this problem for the last 32 years I.ve lived here and still there is no action being taken by the city to get anything done to start a street dept., other things like the Fire Dept., Police Dept. are more important to some people than roads. By the way WELCOME TO PIEDMONT, The pot-Hole Capital of Oklahoma, Al

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