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Fire Chief earns EMS instructor certification

Andy Logan
Piedmont Fire Chief

By Robert Flippo

As part of his ongoing efforts to better the Piedmont Fire Department, Fire Chief Andy Logan recently became a licensed Emergency Medical Services (EMS) instructor.

Having completed the 40 course, Logan is now certified to teach various areas of EMS training and provide continuing education hours and emergency medical technician refreshers for the Piedmont firefighters.

“It’s going to be a huge benefit to us because we are now able to do our training in house,” Logan said.

Previously, the firefighters have done all their training in house but when it came time to get certified or recertified they would have to schedule time with EMS instructors from other agencies or schools. Now that Logan is a licensed EMS instructor, the Piedmont firefighters will no longer have to compete with other agencies for scheduling times.

“It’s going to really allow us to increase our training hours and increase our training opportunities by being able to do it all locally,” Logan said. 

This is just one of the many ways Logan is improving the Piedmont Fire Department. Logan said the state protocols are allowing the fire department to carry a lot of new tools to benefit people in need. Last month, the department acquired a 12 lead EKG machine which helps first responders diagnose heart attacks. Also, in the last week the Piedmont Fire Department recertified seven firefighters as basic life support instructors to teach CPR and first aid to firefighters. Logan said he plans to expand the department’s outreach program and put on community wide CPR courses as well.

“We’re really trying to expand our training, our education and improve everything we do here at the fire department,” Logan said.

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