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Filing for recall election begins April 11

Wade Johnson, Ward 5 Councilman

The filing period for a city council recall election in Ward 5 opens next month, along with four Canadian County positions.

Councilman Wade Johnson faces a recall election June 26. However, the councilman has filed a lawsuit challenging the election. The filing period for the election begins April 11 and ends April 13. Those interested in running should file at the Canadian County Election Board offices between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The same dates are in place for those interested in running for District 2 County Commissioner, County Court Clerk, County Clerk and County Sheriff.

Candidates for state offices should file with the Secretary of the State Election Board.  Candidates for county and local offices file with the Secretary of the County Election Board.


  1. Reagan Republican says:

    im curious if judge miller is going to disenfranchise another 200 voters on this recall like he did the 220 voters in Cooleys recall. 420 voters organized could sway enough no votes not to retain judge miller in his next election.

  2. Ant says:

    That sounds like a threat towards Judge Miller

    • Sue James says:

      @ Ant – I agree. These people recall councilmen because their candidate lost. They go to court and lose and then take it to the Supreme Court. and lose again. Now they want the judge removed from their cases and when he refused to step down, they say they are taking it to the Supreme Court. When will these people stop? But I wouldn’t want to bad mouth a judge. People this is so wrong.

    • Amazed says:

      maybe a good well planned grass roots campaign is needed at our county judicial officer and clean up the county courthoiuse.

  3. Amazed says:

    Ant and Sue your like to crows sitting on a high line and one of you dont even live in Piedmont and you want to interfere with peoples rights to organize and vote and endorse or oust corrupt councilmen.

  4. piedmont person says:

    Sounds like Sue has some real first hand information not available to the general public. I think the recall petition stated the reason for recall as is required by the charter. Both recall petitions had that statement. In addition the councilmen both had an opportunity make make a statment against the recalls. The recalls both had more than enough signatures from registered voters in their respective wards to require a recall election. Both sued the city and protested thier recalls. The HORACE COOLEY RECALL was set aside or dismissed because the format of the recall was not specific with the charter rules. That format was presented to the city for aproval before the signatures were collected and it was approved by the city. Judge Miller said the format was wrong. The WADE JJOHNSON RECALL had more than enough signatures and the formatting was done exactly as Judge Miller wanted it to be done. Wade Johnson also sued the city to protest his recall. However maybe Sue has direct discussion with the court and could advise us all as to what the future for the supreme court decision will be…the supreme court only decided not to give a restraining order. The case could yet not be complete. But of course we would defer to your more current first hand information Sue you seem to know so much.
    Lawsuit 1…Phil Boevers and freinds opposing Williams
    Lawsuit 2..17 Citizens question the appointment of Jeff Davis
    Lawsuit 3…Hoss Cooley vs City of Piedmont
    Lawsuit 4…Wade Johnson vs City of Piedmont
    Lawsuit 5…Phil Boevers, Leon Myer vs City of Piedmont
    I expect there are others those are just the ones I have seen in the Paper…

    • Sue James says:

      What I was refering to was the restraining order on Jeff Davis. The “group” files a restraing order in Canadian County court and lose, appeal to the Supreme Court and lose again. Then they file a motion to have Judge Miller removed from the Piedmont cases and the judge refuses to do so. These people can’t even respect a County Court judges decision.

  5. Reagan Republican says:

    you said it piedmont person, its the same group causing the problems for our town, that.is why the town must unite and elect Vernon Woods, Al Gleichmann and Charles Coffman to ci ty council and elect these honest people to represent us.

    • JT says:

      Did you ever stop and think that maybe it’s the other group going around causing trouble? I’m just sayin’…..it’s all about perspectives.

  6. Ant says:

    You know it is not about honesty, its about two totally different points of view. I bet you will not go on official record declaring Jeff, Hoss, Wade and Valerie dishonest.

    • Dishonest, Adjective1.Behaving or prone to behave in an untrustworthy or fraudulent way.
      2.Intended to mislead or cheat.
      @Ant – were the flyers sent out by Jeff and Hoss in THEIR OWN WORDS! Or is that intended to “mislead”? The flyers say and I quote “everytime the City makes a payment to Williams Grocery we will have to pull money out of the general fund to make the payment for 25 years” Is that “intended to mislead” or are they just “behaving or prone to behave in an untrustworthy or fraudulent way”? No one has to go on official record declaring anything. Just read the facts and decide for yourself!

      • JT says:

        Is there a separate fund where sales tax revenue goes? Also is there a separate fund just for the sales tax from Williams grocery? I’m asking because I don’t know. Can someone fill me in. Thanks.

        • Amazed says:

          JT, there is a breakdown you can get from the city on all breakdown on all collected taxes, you will find that Williams grocery so far ia exceeding expectations and forcasts!

        • @JT – Piedmont has received a copy of my sales tax that I paid the State of Oklahoma every month that I have been in business. That is part of my agreement with the City. If it is not public record I will give you one personally. We have paid sales tax of $218,863.85 to the State of Oklahoma who in turn pays it to the City of Piedmont. In 10 and 12 months and average of $20,844.18 a month, which put in yearly terms the first year open should be about $250,130.16 dollars the City of Piedmont will have received.

    • Theresa Simpson Schulte says:

      @ant, it is about honesty and integrity.

  7. Reagan Republican says:

    More of a reason to vote for COFFMAN, GLEICHMANN AND WOODS to restore honesty and integrity back to our city govermnent. Lets move this town forward!!!!

  8. Reagan Republican says:

    Ant go on Piedmont Watchdog then you will see the depths of your friends deceit!!!

  9. Amazed says:

    @ Reagan R, I just reread all of the Piedmont Watchdog news worthy storys thru all the dirt and smut of our local puppet master, chairmen of a better piedmont, its just dishusting the depths of greed and power and dishonesty!!

  10. bill says:

    Charles Coffman 63% Horace Cooley 37%
    Vernon Woods 69% Leon Myers 31%
    Al Gleichmann 56% Jeff Davis 29% Vic Sanders 15%

    Big turn out…Big time Victory for the winners…Big time statement by the community.

    Positive campaign can win Big time Win for Piedmont.

  11. hope and renewal says:

    Its time for all to support our new leadership in city hall and may these men and mayor actually get the peoples work done with some true vision and leadership with this new majority back to all the people of Piedmont.

  12. Piedmont taxpayer says:

    im curious if Mr Johnson is going to file for reelection or let the recall stand?

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