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Decision to waive Veterans Annex building fees postponed indefinitely

By Matt Montgomery

The decision came from the Piedmont city council Monday night to postpone waiving the Piedmont Area Veterans Annex building fees indefinitely.

The Piedmont Area Veterans wrote a letter to the City of Piedmont on Dec. 12 asking the city council to wave several fees for the Veterans Annex. The fees the group asked the council to waive were the $20 Lot Split Fee, $200 Commercial Building Permit, $50 Site Plan/Plan Review Fee, $300 Board of Adjustment Fee, $1,650 five-eighths water line fee and $1,050 Sewer fee.

Piedmont Area Veterans Association Chairman Leon Meyer wrote Piedmont Community Development Director Wade Harden that the group was getting close to breaking ground, thanks to the thousands of dollars in cash donations from the public and from local businesses.
However, the Veterans group asked the city to wave the fees saying that doing so would, “Be a tremendous asset to Piedmont and surrounding areas.”

Meyer also wrote a letter to the Piedmont Board of Adjustment Jan. 9. In the letter, he asked the Board of Adjustment to grant variance on the frontage of the Veterans Annex property west of the intersection of Piedmont and Edmond roads. He said, “We are asking the BOA to grant variance on the frontage of this property from 75 feet currently required by Piedmont Ordinance to 70 feet, which is the width of the parcel. A variance would allow a five side setback instead of 15 and a five foot rear setback rather than 30 feet.”

Area Veterans Association spokesman John Bickerstaff asked to the Piedmont city council at Monday night’s meeting to wave the fees outlined in the letter they sent to the city.

City Councilman Al Gleichmann told Bickerstaff that the property the Annex sits on wasn’t right to begin with.

“That lot was not kosher when you got it and you know it,” Gleichmann said to Bickerstaff at the meeting.
The next move for the Piedmont Area Veterans will be to go before the City’s Board of Adjustment.

1 Comment

  1. grace wolfert says:

    we should start calling 4 members of the city coucil ‘Piedmont’s Jane Fonda’s” they are so anti Veteran they are traitors. The mini storage facility has been approved around this lot and even if it isn’t perfect for most things it is perfect for this project. Why hasn’t it gone to the BOA? the fee was paid. It should be a done deal.

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