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Councilman’s wife undergoes heart surgery; Coffman postpones campaign bid for mayor

By Matt Montgomery

Charles and Angela Coffman

Piedmont City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Charles Coffman’s wife Angela Coffman recently underwent heart surgery to repair a hole in her heart.

Angela Coffman has had the hole in her heart since birth, but it had no affect on her until she recently underwent surgery to repair her rotator cuff, and had a reaction to the pain medicine she was prescribed.

Coffman, who was planning a campaign bid to run for mayor of Piedmont in next April’s election, said those plans are off and he is concentrating on being with his wife while she recovers.

Even though Coffman’s chances of being Piedmont’s next mayor have been put on the back burner, he still looks forward to continue to serve as a Piedmont city councilman and mayor pro tem in Ward 4.

“I am looking forward to continue to serve Piedmont,” Coffman said. “I believe there are exciting times ahead. I’m really glad to see the road repair projects scheduled this year.”

The Coffmans were very active for many years, climbing most of the 10 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado, running marathons and half marathons and biking. Coffman said Angela was a premature baby, born at three and one-half months. She spent four months in an incubator. She had a dime-size hole in her heart that went diagnosed.

She underwent a Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) operation. Coffman said the ASD closure procedure was necessary because her right ventricle was enlarged because of the hole and would have eventually led to heart failure.

“The doctors said that the heart defect was one of the reasons many athletes collapse and die during things such as marathons; they were diagnosed until it got bad enough to cause a stroke or failure,” Coffman said. “She was very lucky that it was found after she had a reaction to pain medicine following her recent rotator cuff surgery. She was rushed to the emergency room and the doctors at Mercy wanted to check in the heart. After weeks of tests, they concluded she had an enlarged right ventricle and a large hole. Just goes to show that sometimes good does come from bad.”

Coffman said Angela should be good as new in a few months and while she might not be doing half marathons, she will be back to spin classes.

“I hope everyone takes some time to get checked out, and if they find something, go forward with the tests because even something as big as a dime-sized hole can be fixed,” he said.

Angela is a the library media specialist at Westfield Elementary in Edmond. She also is a mentor at White Fields here in Piedmont.

Angela Coffman will return to work in Edmond once she is cleared and able.

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