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Council repairs roads one-at-a-time

By Matt Montgomery

After the General Obligation Bond issue didn’t pass last April, the City of Piedmont has been busy repairing small sections of road about every week, across town.

Piedmont City Councilman Bobby Williamson said the city has been laying down gravel on some stretches of 234th in his ward (Ward 4).

“Every day, weather providing, we are filling in pot holes and grating,” he said. “I know a lot of that is going on out in mine and Donnie’s ward (Ward 5) as well as Gleichmann’s (Ward 3).”

Williamson said the city council promised the city a mile of road repairs per year and is prepared to stand by that promise.

Williamson said 164th Street, both east and west of Piedmont Road is one of the bigger projections slated this next year. He said that project should be wrapped up sometime around this coming spring.

“The city promised it when the bond was up last year,” he said. “Then when the bond failed, we still plan on fulfilling our commitment to take care of 164th.”

Some of the project will be maintenance near Piedmont Intermediate, with relation to the shoulders of the road.

“What we’re doing now is kind of multi-tasked, where as last year we were barely running gravel and just filling pot holes,” he said. “Now we have our grater going. We’ve got a truck spreading gravel, then we have our chip seal going on and we’re also completing our negotiations with Oklahoma City to complete 164th.”

Piedmont City Councilman Donnie Robinson said he felt like the Road Bond issue was rushed through. Robinson said he felt like if the bond issue last April would have been prepared a little better, it might have had more success passing by the voters.

“I think it was done in too rushed of a time,” Robinson said. “The first one that you put out there is always a tough one. That was the first bond issue that the City has ever put out there for roads. I think the City learned a lot from it. It was kind of an educational process, also. We need to step back and take a look and see how the cities do it, that are experienced at doing it, and getting input from them.”

City Councilman Al Gleichmann said the city has been fixing roads in his ward all the time as well. He said for residents to call him if they see a particular road that needs to be fixed or call him with general questions about his ward.

“I want people to give me opinions,” he said. “That way, you can find out what the people really want out there. If somebody lets me know about a road or if I discover a road then I get a hold of Jim (Crosby) and see what we can do about it.”

Al Gleichmann

Donnie Robinson

Bobby Williamson

Gleichmann can be reached at 373-2018.


  1. JT says:

    “He said that project should be wrapped up sometime around this coming spring.” “…we’re also completing our negotiations with Oklahoma City to complete 164th.”

    It’s going to be done this spring but the negotiations with OKC aren’t done? That sounds a little optimistic considering it’s almost March.

    I don’t understand why they can’t be more specific.

  2. Vernon Woods says:

    A few comments on this article:
    1. The only way the Council can make a promise to do anything is with either an ordinance or a resolution. The minutes reflect neither such action within the last 12 months. Perhaps the promise to ‘repair a mile of roads a year a year’ was made only to potential voters.
    2. There was no commitment made by the Council to ‘take care of 164th’, even if the bond failed.
    3. The road ‘near Piedmont Intermediate’ is less than a year old – and it already needs repairs?.
    4. Just what is a ‘grater’? Is that a county term?

  3. JT says:

    grat·er noun: grater; plural noun: graters
    a device having a surface covered with holes edged by slightly raised cutting edges, used for grating cheese and other foods.

  4. Al Rdgely says:

    A Grader is a piece of equipment to level surfaces, roads and the like you have one in your kitchen also, Now we have grader he same song and dance over the years, it was bought for cutting ditch’s, but is not being used for that, WHY? and maybe we will get some roads done or not, People have been waiting for a street dept. for a long time and none has come to be yet, why?, well we’re to busy hiring policemen and firefighters, there is never enough money to hire street workers, tell me the last time you saw an ad for one anywhere in the papers, We will be looking at an effort to pass another bond issue soon, and like the last it will only benefit a few as usual. hope that the past record speaks for it-self and the council moves to get a street dept. going, but that isn’t likely, not important enough I believe people are tired of paying for service that they never get and promise’s that are never kept, more to follow as it happens, which will as always be too late.

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