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Council makes appointments to charter revision committee

Roger Pugh

The Piedmont City Council created a City Charter Revision Committee Monday and each council member and the mayor appointed two citizens each to the body to review the current charter.

Discussions about a charter review surfaced in recent months after the courts had to determine the charter’s intent on several issues concerning litigation in which the city was involved. Some current and former council members have also complained certain matters are not covered in the charter, and in some cases, the charter is vague.

The council agreed last month to form a committee to look over the charter and make recommendations for changes in the document. Council members also agreed that each individual council member would submit a list of items to the committee they would like the group to review and consider adding or revising.

At the insistence of Councilman Charles Coffman, the council decided to give the committee six months from the date of the committee’s first meeting to report back to the council.

Any changes the committee recommends and the council agrees to would have to go before the voters for final approval.

Councilman Donnie Robinson named Brad Waller and Kevin Hopkins to the committee while Coffman tabbed Mike Francis and former Mayor John Bickerstaff to the group. Councilman Albert Albert Gleichmann chose Jerry Basler and Jason Knight to serve on the committee while Mayor Valerie Thomerson tabbed Kathy Tahiri and Former Mayor, Judge Ken Dickerson. Pat Murphey and Bobby Williamson were selected to by Councilman Vernon Woods, while Councilman Larry Gage selected Bill Long and Jerry Anduss, who was a Piedmont Mayor before the community changed from a town to a city.

No date has been set for the first committee meeting.

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