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Concealed carry permit sales increase, ‘concealed carry’ changes to ‘open carry’

By Matt Montgomery

Private concealed carry class certified instructor Don Lee said there has been an increase in the amount of people who have signed up for his concealed carry class as a result of the new open carry law being in effect.

Lee said the amount of people signing up for concealed carry classes have increased, but most of the feedback he’s got is those people want to get the permit and still conceal their weapon.

“A big concern on everybody’s mind is getting a license and, of course, they are not so much concerned about open carry, they are just concerned with getting their license,” Lee said. “Most of the people I’ve talked to are not wanting to carry open. In fact, most of them are worried a little bit about carrying open and worried about the people they see carrying open. They want to conceal their guns and not let people know they have them and I think that’s pretty smart myself.”

Lee believes there will be in increase in no firearms allowed signs on local businesses.

“I think when you walk in the front door, you are going to see a vast increase in those,” Lee said. “If they start seeing people coming in there with open carry, they are going to start putting those signs up, because it’s going to make them and their customers nervous.”

The type of people he said that are signing up for his class are regular people, not gun enthusiasts or specialists.

“I get them from all walks of life in there,” he said. “Sometimes they will bring three or four people from their family in. Last week, I had 10 people in my class and half of them were one name and the other half was another name.”

According to the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act law book, each applicant for a license to carry a concealed or unconcealed handgun pursuant must successfully complete a firearms safety and training course conducted by a registered and approved firearms instructor as provided by the provisions of this section.

The applicant must further demonstrate competence and qualification with an authorized pistol of the type or types that the applicant desires to carry as a concealed or unconcealed handgun pursuant to the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act, except certain persons may be exempt from such a training requirement.

Gov. Mary Fallin recently amended Oklahoma Senate Bill 1733, removing the word “concealed” from its literature.

The law openly states that any person other than a felon, possessing the proper state carry license can carry a firearm either on them or with them in public, in their vehicle or in their homes.

Some stipulations to the law states that a carry holder may not carry their weapon into a school, a federal or state building, a business with a “firearms prohibited” sign in the window or any business that sells alcohol.

Lee said he may even change the name of his firing course from Concealed Carry to “Carry.”

1 Comment

  1. CWP Holder says:

    People do freak out when they see other people packing openly. I just read a story over on USConcealedCarry.com, where someone saw a guy carrying openly. He was at a gun show in VA, and just kept his weapon on, which was totally legal in that state. But it seems that someone called the police.

    The cops who responded didn’t know the law and confiscated his weapon! When they realized they had made a mistake, it was returned, but still. That’s just ridiculous.

    People shouldn’t fear guns, but they do. I won’t carry openly, either. It may be perfectly legal, but who has time for ignorance?

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