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City purchases new fire truck

The Piedmont Fire Department recently purchased a new pumper truck at a cost of $161,000. The truck brings the department’s fleet back to a required three rescue trucks.

The Piedmont Fire Department has a new fire truck parked at its station.

The fire department is required to have three pumper trucks and had been needing to replace its third vehicle following damage during a fire call. The damaged truck was a 1984 model, but its replacement is a 2010 rescue pumper.

The new truck came with a $208,000 price tag, and after a trade-in the city will pay $161,000.

According to fire chief Andy Logan, the new truck is economical and low on frills, but comes with enhanced safety features that older models were without. The new truck has equipment notifying passengers when their safety belts are not fastened and there is a black box recording device that can relay information in the event of an accident.

“I can’t stress the importance enough on what this means for the department to have,” Logan said.

The new pumper truck can transport five fire fighters and was put into service on Dec. 22.

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