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City Council debates possible fix to two Piedmont roads

By Matt Montgomery

The Piedmont City Council Monday approved a bid for a new sound system for the George Fina Municipal Building and Councilman Donnie Robinson and Piedmont Resident Al Ridgely researched the sound system and got the best they could get for the for the $8, 647,30 price tag from Cory’s Audio Visual Services.

The funding for this project will come from the city’s Capital Improvement Fund.

In other business, the debate went on about the deplorable roads around Piedmont, including 164th Street and also Waterloo Road. Some of the councilmen wanted to see Waterloo Road fixed first, while others wanted to see 164th Street fixed first.

Councilman Donnie Robinsons said this is a project that needs to be fixed now, even if the city has to do a five or six year fix, as advised by Piedmont City Engineer Joe Davis.

Paving Washington Ave from Piedmont Rd. to Cemetery would cost just under $100,000 and Waterloo would cost nearly $37,000 per mile.

The council also discussed if the city had the money to spend on road repair projects. The council discussed that if the bond issues passes next year, then some of them don’t feel comfortable using that money to pay for the road repair. In fact, some of them said they would rather use the $100,000 and repair one road at a time instead of doing them both simultaneously.
The council made recommendations to the planning commission and sent the agenda item back to them.

The council also tabled the item about hiring a lobbyist until their December meeting.

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