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Changing police station plans will cost 81k

Ben Felder
News Editor

Earlier this year the city council voted to reduce the total price of a new police station, but revising the original plans will cost at least $81,000 according to recently released architectural and engineer fees.

The price for a new police station in Piedmont was reduced from $1.8 million to $1.3 million.  A federal grant will pay for $1 million of the cost but the city was required to fund the remaining amount.  In an effort to reduce borrowed money the city decreased the price of the station by $600,000 but that required revising current plans to reduce the size of the station.  The city had already paid $77,513 to TAP Architecture but the revisions will cost an additional $81,000.

During last month’s city council meeting the council was asked to approve the additional funds but concern was raised over paying TAP more money.  The council requested more time to review the added expenses but city manager Clark Williams said approval is needed before he can submit a final estimate by the Dec. 31 deadline in order to be eligible for the grant.

“I needed this information so I can fill out the budget requirements for the HUD grant,” Williams said.  “Even though we have already been approved for the grant we have to submit this information.”

Williams said the city may call a special meeting this month in order to approve the expenses but he said he remains confident that everything will be in order by the end of the year deadline.

Design expenses can be refunded

According to the specifications of the HUD grant, up to 20 percent of the grant can be used to refund the city for design and engineering expenses.  That means Piedmont will be eligible to request a refund of up to $200,000 from the grant  for design fees.  If the latest amount of expenses is approved that will bring Piedmont’s total amount spent on engineering and architecture plans close to $160,000.  However, that total is likely to rise as there is still more planning needed before construction can begin on the new police station.

“We still need to hire a civil engineer for the site work to design the parking lots and approaches as well as utilities,” Williams said.  “Right now we don’t know how much it will all cost but we will work to get it under our $1.2 million budget.”

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