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Circus stunts dazzle area audience

Matt Montgomery/Gazette
A member of the Arlise Troupe juggles flaming torches Sunday afternoon in front of Piedmont and other area residents during the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus in Piedmont. See related photos and story in the 9-25 edition of the Piedmont-Surrey Gazette.

Election board offers voting day tips

By Bryan Dean
State Election Board PIO

The State Election Board and Secretary Paul Ziriax offers these tips and reminders for Oklahoma voters before they head to the polls for the June 24 Primary Election.

Be prepared
Study the candidates and issues before going to the polls. Look at your sample ballot using the election board’s Online Voter Tool at www.elections.ok.gov. You can also use the tool to check your polling place and track the status of your absentee ballot.

Election day voting
Polls are open statewide from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on election day. Lines at the polls are longest before work, during the lunch hour and after work.

Vote during off-peak hours
Voters can save time by voting during “off-peak” hours – usually from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Read more →

Area addiction medicine doctor prescribes NA, safe medicine

Matt Montgomery/Gazette
Dr. Charles J. Shaw holds up a Narcotics Anonymous handbook in his office.

By Matt Montgomery

Oklahoma City addiction medicine doctor Charles J. Shaw, M.D., has been treating addicts with an effective and non-addictive drug called Subutex and requiring his patients to attend Narcotics Anonymous, both at a fraction of the cost of inpatient treatment.

Shaw, who operates out of an office in northwest Oklahoma City and who has been a doctor for more than 50 years in Oklahoma, says his patients who follow his treatment plan are far more likely to succeed and have their names added to his wall of stars who have celebrated one year of sobriety than those who check into a high-priced inpatient facility, often times paying more than $30,000 for treatment.

Shaw, now in his 80s, is passionate about helping his patients recover from pain pill addiction. He’s helped thousands recover their lives by prescribing them the safe, but effective, opiate antagonist drug, Subutex, and by assigning them to go to 90 Narcotics Anonymous meeting in 90 days and complete the 12 steps of Narcotics Anonymous.

“Almost every day, I see or talk to people about their addiction – most are younger people between 20 and 40 years old,” Shaw said. “They seek my help as a specialist in addiction medicine – many in utter desperation from their addiction to pain pills.”
Most of Shaw’s patients began their road down addiction using hydrocodone as a teenager to party or use with others usually in their age group. Read more →

Correction: Piedmont Tag Agency not post office is local polling place

The Piedmont-Surrey Gazette erroneously reported one of the three polling places for Tuesday’s election is the Piedmont post office. In reality, the Piedmont Tag Agency is one of the three polling places. The Piedmont Tag Agency is located on Piedmont Road just north of Monroe Ave., behind City Stop. Its physical address is 414 Piedmont Rd N, Piedmont, OK 73078.
The other two polling places are Toubl Ranch and First United Methodist Church.

Correction: King’s Gate Christian School hosts open house

Matt Montgomery/Gazette
Evan Rollins, left, and Elena Mann dissect a shark during the King’s Gate Christian School open house earlier this month at their Hefner Pointe location in Oklahoma City. King’s Gate is now enrolling for their Surrey Hills location at Surrey Hills Baptist Church.

Fire fighters work to contain Piedmont house fire

Piedmont fire fighters battled a house fire Monday afternoon at 1820 Monroe in Piedmont. Conditions of those who were in the home during the fire are unknown right now. Watch for updates.

Update on Road Construction

The following information has been released by the City of Piedmont regarding the ongoing construction on Washington Avenue and Waterloo:

Washington Ave W:

The City of Piedmont wants to update everyone on the road work on Washington Ave W.

Starting this Saturday, the 17th, the road will be cleaned and prepped. It will be open to local traffic only on Saturday. On Sunday, the 2nd coat of oil with chip and seal will be applied starting at approximately 8am and the road will be closed to all traffic at this time. We do strongly suggest all residents to avoid driving on this oil coat. The road should re-open by approximately 1pm. Of course these plans are contingent on the weather. This should complete the repairs to Washington Ave W.

As always, we thank you for your cooperation and patience. Have a great weekend!


The City of Piedmont wants to update everyone on the road work on Waterloo Rd.

This Saturday, the 17th, the first oil coat will be applied. The road will be closed to all traffic from approximately 8am thru the evening and the second oil coat will be applied on Sunday. The road will remain closed to all traffic on Sunday until approximately 5pm, of course weather permitting. We expect to finish up on Waterloo Rd. by Monday or Tuesday of next week. We will update you further next week.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to try and improve some of our city roads.

Stay safe and have a great weekend

Nancy Armstrong,
Executive Assistant
City of Piedmont
PO Box 240
Piedmont, OK 73078

Chamber holds Meet the Candidates event for Ward 2 election

Marion LeCrone, President of the Chamber of Commerce, introduces the Ward 2 candidates.

By Robert Flippo


The Chamber of Commerce held a meet the candidates event Tuesday, July 30 to prepare citizens for the Ward 2 City Council election on August 13. The three candidates for the election are Donovan Rubley, Bobby Williamson, and the incumbent Councilman Vernon Woods.The event began with Marian LeCrone, President of the Chamber of Commerce, making introductions and explaining the format for the event. Each candidate got to speak for ten minutes and they drew numbers at random to determine the order. Bobby Williamson went first, Vernon Woods second, and Donovan Rubley third.

Each candidate was asked to specifically answer what made them want to run for City Council, what their plan for roads will be and their views on wind power as well as any other remarks they wished to give.

Bobby Williamson spoke first and the theme running through his speech was growth for Piedmont. His focus was on the future of Piedmont and what the city has the potential to be. He emphasized that decisions need to be made not just to remedy a situation in the moment, but also positively impact Piedmont down the line.

Williamson said that it is time for Piedmont to come up with a comprehensive, long range plan for Piedmont’s roads. To Williamson, the key to Piedmont’s roads is to encourage development.

“One sure way to get the money to make our roads better is by growing our tax base,” Williamson said.

By working to bring new businesses to Piedmont, Williamson hopes to be able to pay for road repairs without having to raise the sales tax rate, which is already among the highest in the state. According to Williamson, bringing new businesses into Piedmont should be the number one priority.

As far as wind power, again Williamson’s views are tied to a desire to see Piedmont grow. For Williamson, the problem with having wind turbines on the edges of town, is that it will limit the growth of Piedmont in those directions.

Next, Vernon Woods took the podium. His first action was to address the elephant in the room, his recall. Woods said that the recall petition claimed he showed an unwillingness to listen to his constituents and that he favored wind power in Piedmont.
“What is said there is unfounded and it is totally wrong,” Woods said. Read more →

Piedmont residents celebrate freedom

Piedmont Roundup Club

Robert Flippo/Gazette
Members of the Piedmont Round-Up Club carried an American flag at the end of the parade.


Robert Flippo

Piedmont’s annual Freedom Fest once again brought big festivities to a small town.

It started with wonderful weather, clear skies and temperatures that were warm but not too warm. It was the perfect weather to go outside, fire up the barbeque and then head to Piedmont Road for Freedom Fest.

The parade did not start until seven, but the area around Piedmont Elementary was thriving for hours preceding the parade.

With an array of inflatable playgrounds provided by Bounce Town, booths set up by various Piedmont organizations, and games set up by the Piedmont Fire Department, there was no shortage of ways for family to stay entertained.

There were also a number of refreshments, from watermelon provided by the city to snow cones and barbeque for sale. Read more →

Piedmont alum playing with the stars

Blake Colston

Former Piedmont Lady Wildcat soccer star Sydney Campbell’s game has come a long way.

Campbell was named to the Oklahoma All-State west soccer team recently and will take part in the All-State game June 13 at Newcastle High School. She says this is the last place she thought her soccer career would take her.

“When I first started playing soccer I thought you used your hands,” she said. “So no, I would not have foreseen this in my future.”

Like most young players, somewhere along the way Campbell learned to use her feet instead of her hands and the rest is history. A forward, she helped lead the 2013 Piedmont team to the state-semifinals in only the program’s third season of existence.

She says she’s anxious, but not nervous about getting to play in the prestigious game.

“I would say I’m more ready than anything,” she said.

Campbell’s taken part in a scrimmage and a practice with her fellow all-staters in preparation for the game and says it’s been a great experience thus far. Read more →

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