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Remains found in Grady County identified as missing Piedmont teen

Anne Hill

Anne Hill

By Becky Pearce

The remains found in Grady County earlier today have been identified. According to News9, authorities have confirmed the remains are those of Anne Hill who went missing over a year ago on April 11, 2014.

The McClain County Sherrif’s office learned of a skull found in a rural area just south of Goldsby, Okla. near State Highway 74 and W. Ladd Rd.

Two local teens have been arrested in connection with Hill’s disappearance. On Oct. 16, Oklahoma County prosecutors filed charges against 16-year-old Chadd Raymond and Chloe Thomas, 16, both of Oklahoma City. Read more →

Charges filed in Hill murder case

Anne Hill

By Traci Chapman

Formal charges have now been filed in the case of a missing Piedmont-area teen.

On Oct. 16, Oklahoma County prosecutors filed charges against 16-year-old Chadd Raymond and Chloe Thomas, 16, both of Oklahoma City. The pair were arrested earlier this month in connection with the April disappearance of Anne Hill, 16.

According to documents filed with Oklahoma State Court Network, Raymond was charged with first degree murder, while Thomas is accused of helping Raymond cover up his crime and was charged with accessory to first degree murder.

Investigators have been careful about the release of information in the case. Hill’s body has not been found, although police said Thomas told them on Oct. 10 her version of events on April 11, when the Piedmont-area teen went missing. Read more →

Two teens arrested in connection with Piedmont area girl’s disappearance

By Traci Chapman

Two arrests have been made in connection with the April disappearance of a Piedmont-area teen.

Chadd Raymond

Chloe Thomas

Chadd Raymond, 16, and 16-year-old Chloe Thomas were arrested over the weekend and charged with the first degree murder of 16-year-old Anne Hill, said Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow, Oklahoma City Police Department assistant public information officer. Raymond and Thomas both listed Oklahoma City addresses; although they were minors, because of the severity of the crimes with which they were charged their names were released, officials said.

Hill was last seen April 11. Officials with Piedmont Police Department said although the youth has been listed in media reports as a Piedmont resident, she actually lived in Oklahoma City limits, which necessitated investigation of the case by Oklahoma City police.

Very little information was available about Thomas and Raymond as of press time. Thomas voluntarily went into Oklahoma City police headquarters Friday afternoon, where she was interviewed and arrested, Wardlow said. Raymond was arrested at his northwest Oklahoma City residence Saturday morning. Read more →

Posey arraignment set for December

Traci Chapman

Derek Posey

More than a year after his arrest, a Canadian County judge has found sufficient cause to try a man accused of killing a Calumet mother and her son.

Special Judge Jack McCurdy on Oct. 2 issued a ruling formally holding Derek Don Posey, now 31, over for trial in connection with the deaths of Amy Gibbins, 22, and her five-year-old son, Bryor Gibbins, in June 2013. The preliminary hearing was delayed several times due to issues with Posey’s defense attorneys, Assistant District Attorney Paul Hesse said recently.

With his ruling, McCurdy set Posey for a formal arraignment in front of District Court Judge Gary Miller on Dec. 16. At that time, Miller is expected to set a trial date in the case. Read more →

Local developers sue City of Piedmont in Federal court

By Matt Montgomery

Local developers Cindy Boevers and Reta Strubhar have filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Western District against the City of Piedmont, three councilmen and two planning commissioners. The defendants named in the lawsuit are the City of Piedmont, Piedmont city councilmen Donnie Robinson, Al Gleichmann and Charles Coffman, Piedmont planning commissioners Ron Cardwell and Eric Berger.

In the complaint filed last Friday, Strubhar and Boevers (“Developers”) say they have suffered damages resulting from the Piedmont city council not voting on an agenda item to approve a preliminary plat for “Magnolia Meadows,” a property owned by “Developers.” Read more →

Former Piedmont football star guilty of assault and battery

Blake Colston

A former Piedmont high school football player has been found guilty of nearly beating to death an inmate inside a Logan County jail.

On Wednesday, according to Guthrie News Page and multiple reports, 24-year-old Sir Demarco Dartanyon Bledsoe was found guilty of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in the jail house beating of Gabriel Barr.

Bledsoe is accused of punching and kicking Barr until he went unconscious. A jury is recommending a five-year sentence. Read more →

No charges to be filed in Piedmont PD embezzlement case

Matt Montgomery

The Canadian County District Attorney’s Office declined to pursue charges after reviewing the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation’s case in the theft of about $1,000 from the Piedmont police department earlier this year.

District Attorney Michael Fields wrote in an email to the Piedmont-Surrey Gazette Monday, “The OSBI recently completed its investigation of an alleged theft/embezzlement from the City of Piedmont involving approximately $1,000. The investigation shows that during the relevant timeframe, a handful of people either had or potentially had access to this money. There isn’t enough evidence to determine who stole or embezzled the money. Therefore, our office is declining to file charges related to this investigation.”
Even though the D.A.’s office didn’t file charges, that doesn’t mean they haven’t shut the door on this case forever.“If additional evidence comes to light, my office will certainly re-consider its decision not to file charges,” Fields wrote.
Piedmont Fraternal Order of Police Chairman and Piedmont police officer Craig Curtner has said from the beginning he wanted the public to know that this was not a Piedmont police officer who took the money.

“None of the officers, including the supervisors were ever questioned as suspects,” Curtner said. “None of our officers were ever under suspicion and there was never any allegation that it was a police officer that did it. I think OSBI had one or two suspects in mind and I think they ran those angles pretty good. I think they lacked the evidence to prosecute.”
Read more →

Surrey Hills woman arrested on drug, child abuse charges

Matt Montgomery

A Surrey Hills woman was arrested last week on complaints of possession of drugs and child abuse. Canadian County sheriff’s deputies arrested Kerry Nicole Thrift, 25, of Surrey Hills last Monday after receiving information that she had allegedly abused her children, according to reports.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to her home in Surrey Hills, where she lives with her parents.
Investigators working on the case entered the home after they spoke to Thrift’s parents, explaining why they were there.

After they made contact with Thrift, they were able to determine she had physically handled her children in a manner that left marks and bruising on the children’s bodies.

“Kerry said she is a firm believer in discipline and referred to herself as, “Old School.” She talked about spankings and she stated, “I’m afraid I’m going to lose myself,’” the investigator in the case said. “She continually talked about how she was “Under pressure,” and how the neighbors and everyone around her are always concerned for her children.”

According to reports, Thrift’s own parents confirmed with sheriff’s deputies the nature of her abusiveness toward her children. Her parents allegedly even supplied investigators with photographic proof to support their claims.

After speaking to Thrift, deputies were made aware by Thrift herself, that she was a drug abuser.
After a consent to search her bedroom was issued, investigators allegedly found marijuana and methamphetamine.

According to the investigator’s report, the investigators found a box that contained various sizes of white, crystal-like substance and various items consistent with drug use, such as a mirror, a partial coat hanger, a rolled up U.S. currency dollar bill, a U.S. nickel, three straws and four baggies. A field test confirmed the substance was indeed methamphetamine.

In addition to the marijuana and methamphetamine, they also found two peach colored pills lying on her dresser. Thrift said they were Adderall pills, but she couldn’t provide investigators with a valid prescription for the medication.

Thrift’s four-year-old son was shown in pictures provided to investigators with large red marks on both sides of his neck. Thrift also advised offers she suffers from two mental health disorders, according to the report.

Thrift was taken to the Canadian County jail and booked on complaints of child abuse and multiple counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance as well as drug paraphernalia.
Her bail was set at $65,000.

OSBI sends Piedmont PD embezzlement findings to district attorney’s office

By Matt Montgomery

After completing its investigation into the theft from the Piedmont police department, the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation has sent its finding to the Canadian County District Attorney’s Office.

District Attorney Michael Fields confirmed Monday the DA’s office had received the OSBI’s investigation last week and his office is “still in the process of evaluating it to determine if charges will be filed.”
The OSBI was investigating a theft of about $1,000 allegedly stolen in different increments at different times from the Piedmont police department.

It has not been made public whether it was a city employee or a Piedmont police officer who stole the money. If the DA determines this case to be a felony, charges are expected to be filed in Canadian County District Court.

Penalties for embezzlement vary in Canadian County. According to the statute, embezzlement is defined as “the fraudulent appropriation of property of any person or legal entity, legally obtained, to any use or purpose not intended or authorized by its owner, or the secretion of the property with the fraudulent intent to appropriate it to such use or purpose.” Read more →

Piedmont PD embezzlement investigation nearly complete

By Matt Montgomery

The Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) Public Information Officer Gary Perkinson said Tuesday the investigation into the alleged theft of $1,000 from the Piedmont police department is nearly completed and finalized.

Perkinson said once the findings are complete, they will be turned over to the Canadian County District Attorney’s Office. It will be the district attorney that decides if the crime warrants official charges to be filed against any particular person.

The Canadian County District Attorney’s Office provided possible penalties for embezzlement.

According to the statute, embezzlement is defined as “the fraudulent appropriation of property of any person or legal entity, legally obtained, to any use or purpose not intended or authorized by its owner, or the secretion of the property with the fraudulent intent to appropriate it to such use or purpose.” Read more →

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