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Sundance set to make much-needed renovations

By Matt Montgomery

Sundance Airport is making headway in some of the massive restoration project the airport’s CEO and owner Jerry Hunter laid out early last year.

Sundance General Manager Heather Sterzick said the first major project they will get to is fixing the ancient plumbing in the building, in order to meet the standards to accommodate the aviation-themed restaurant they are planning to build.

Sterzick said the sewage project is going to cost $500,000 to do and will be underway in March.

“Unfortunately, the current sewage system we have is not approved for a restaurant,” she said. “We got with Oklahoma City and we are going to tie into their line, to be capable of accommodating a restaurant.”

Last year, Sundance had some rendering of what the new and improved facade and interior of the airport would look like. Those renderings have now been altered, according to Sterzick, and will now have the restaurant as a standalone structure instead of being integrated with the existing lobby structure.

“Mr. Hunter has decided now he is going to locate it on its own,” she said. “It will probably be up to the north, near the road with a view of the runway.”

She said there will be new hangers built on Sundance property, but in the meantime problems with the existing tenants have been ironed out.

“The airport was owned by someone who didn’t properly maintain it,” she said. “We’ve had issues with drainage, lighting, simple stuff that has just gone downhill.”

Sundance has also put up new fencing to prevent wildlife from getting onto the property and entering the runway area.

Sterzick said the design of the main structure of the airport will get a face-lift as well as a pilot lounge.

Another project Sundance is working on is incorporating an aviation class in conjunction with area schools as part of the school’s curriculum, called Sundance Flight Academy. She said they have already spoken to Piedmont schools about the course.

This summer, Sundance is hosting a flight show called Discover Aviation from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., May 24 where guests will get to see the “world’s smallest jet” called the FLS Microjet.

Overall, Hunter plans on investing over $3.4 million into Sundance and has already invested $1.2 million.
The airport is currently at a 95 percent occupancy rate.

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