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Restaurant owner says establishment not cited in alcohol sting

Timber Lodge steak house on Northwest Expressway (File Photo)

Bobby Dennis, owner of Timber Lodge Steak House, said a report by the county sheriff’s office stating his restaurant was cited for failing an alcohol compliance check was incorrect, and in fact, his staff was praised by law enforcement officials for their knowledge of state liquor laws.

The Canadian County Sheriff’s office conducted alcohol compliance checks on 29 establishments as part of the Too Much To Lose program and Timber Lodge was listed as an establishment that had failed the check and was cited. However, Dennis called the Gazette and said his restaurant was not cited.

“What happened was one of our (servers) was cited because he didn’t look at the right date on the officer’s (identification),” Dennis said. “The restaurant was never cited. It was a simple mistake by our guy, and I feel bad for him.”

Dennis said undercover officers presented an ID with an expired date. The waiter reviewed the ID but did not see the expired date.

“He was looking at the wrong date,” Dennis said.

The officer was served alcohol and the worker was cited and let go. A law enforcement official with knowledge of the situation confirmed Dennis’ claim.

“Saying we were cited makes it look like we just serve alcohol to anyone and are serving to minors,” Dennis said. “But that’s not the case at all.”

Dennis also said an undercover officer with the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission was also present and asked a waiter for a happy hour drink, which is prohibited by state law. The waiter told the officer that it was illegal to serve happy hour drinks and cited a portion of the law.

“The (officer) actually said after that that we did a good job,” Dennis said.
Timber Lodge is located on Northwest Expressway south of Piedmont.

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