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Piedmont’s sales tax check down from last year

By Roger Pugh

Piedmont’s August sales tax check was down slightly from a year ago, according to the Oklahoma Tax Commission’s monthly report on sales tax collections and distribution.

The commission reported it sent Piedmont $134,536.69 this August, compared to $136,700.64 for the same period a year ago.

The August check represents local sales tax receipts primarily for the month of June.

Piedmont collects local sales tax at the rate of five percent.
The August remittance to cities and towns in the area for June business were mixed, with some nearby communities showing a slight increase over the same period a year ago, with others showing a slight downturn.

Cashion. Which charges four percent local sales tax, collected $11,486 this August, compared to $15,139.86 same time last year, while Okarche, with a rate of 4.5 percent, was way up, collecting $159,088.86 compared to$61,111.74 in August, 2011.

Kingfisher was down slightly, collecting $214,925.50 this August, while last year, the check for the same period to that city was $$244,095.35. Kingfisher collects sales tax at a rate of three percent.

El Reno was also down slightly this month from the same period a year ago.
This August, El Reno, with a four percent rate, collected $766,428.29 while last year the figure was $774,334.13.
Yukon, which also collects at four percent, was also up this period over last year.

Yukon received a check this August for $1,440,424.42, and last year, that city received $1,416,799.982. Mustang was also slightly up, taking in $684,505.23 compared to $645,113.39 in August, 2011. Mustang has a four percent rate.
Statewide, the tax commission returned $128,606,231 in sales tax collections to 509 cities and towns, which is an increase of $7,551,761 over the $121,054.70 distributed to 508 cities and towns a year ago.

Sales tax returns to Canadian County was up this August, with the county taking in $668.512.59 while last year, the county received $492.123.55 on a rate of .035.

Kingfisher County saw a downturn in its check, with $153,309.25 going to its coffers this year compared to $173996.53 a year earlier.

The rate of county sales tax in Kingfisher did drop this year to 0.075 compared to one percent a year earlier.

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