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Piedmont sales tax receipts increase from 2012-13

By Matt Montgomery

The City of Piedmont saw an increase in the amount of sales tax receipts during December 2013 compared to December 2012.

There was a 10.4 percent increase in sales tax receipts from 140,610.73 in December 2012 to 155,350.65 in December 2013.

Piedmont City Manager Jim Crosby said some of that increase could be attributed to rebuilding from the May 2011 tornado or even population growth.

“Usually part of that sales tax stuff is based on, in my opinion, some of the tornadoes we had,” Crosby said. “The reason it increased that much is some of the rebuilding.”

He said that figure isn’t really based on new businesses coming in because Piedmont hasn’t had but a couple new businesses in the last couple of years.

Crosby also said inflation will take care of part of the sales tax increase every year.
“This year, we’re pretty close to even,” he said. “We’re not that far up.

We’re up a little, but not that much. This is about where we thought we’d be this year.”

Crosby said last year they thought it would have been up more than it was because the tornado was in May 2011 and most of the rebuilding occurred in 2012.

“Some people are still rebuilding from the tornadoes, even though it’s a little slower now,” he said. “People are taking their time for whatever reason. Some are because of insurance companies, and all the various problems they have to go through.”

Population growth is also a factor into sales tax receipts. Crosby said Piedmont’s population is still on the rise at about 6,800 residents at the end of 2013.

“The town is still growing, and it’s going to continue to grow,” Crosby said. “I think with our school district, and some of the surrounding schools getting ‘F’ ratings, next to Deer Creek, we’re at the top.”

He added Piedmont has an extremely low crime rate and the quality of life Piedmont has to offer, people want to live in a city like this.

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