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Piedmont Area Veterans in need of donations, help from community

By Matt Montgomery

The Piedmont Area Veterans met Tuesday night at the Historical Society Annex to discuss funds, donations and possible changes to the proposed Veterans Annex building.

Veteran Leon Meyer said the original 30-foot by 50-foot blueprint for the building may get some changes to it, as recommended by the city, but Meyer said he won’t know what those changes are until he and John Bickerstaff meet with the City of Piedmont this week.

The hot-button topic at the Veterans’ meeting Tuesday night was funds and how to raise more funds and how to get more people to donate to their cause. As of Tuesday, the Piedmont Area Veterans had $6,100 in cash and $40,000 worth of land, donated by Phil Boevers. The estimated total cost of the project is $160,000, according to Meyer.

Also, Judge Ken Dickerson told the veterans at the meeting that a stipulation has been made to the group’s IRS-recognized non-profit veteran’s organization tax exemption, and that stipulation is that 75 percent of the members must be a veteran or a past member of a military group or armed forces group to qualify for the exemption.

The Piedmont Area Veterans are also seeking out new members, but are having trouble finding all of the veterans in this area.

If someone is interested in joining the Piedmont Area Veterans, they can contact John Bickerstaff at 373-1424 or email him at mjbickerstaff@prodigy.net.

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