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Phone solicitation aimed to scam Piedmont residents

Staff Reports

A report has been filed on Wednesday, Feb. 13 with the Piedmont Police Department about somebody soliciting Piedmont citizens for money for the Metro Firefighter Association to provide fire prevention, CPR and other activities.

The person named “Chris” stated he was associated with the Piedmont Fire Department. Chief Logan stated there is nobody that should be calling and soliciting funds for the Piedmont Fire Department.

Piedmont Fire Chief Andy Logan said he has also received phone calls from someone claiming to be from the Metro Firefighters Association.

“Local residents, including myself, are receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be from the Metro Firefighters Association, soliciting donations that will be used for fire prevention, CPR classes and other important areas for local firefighters,” Logan said. “When asked what firefighters will be receiving these funds, the caller states that the funds will go to the Piedmont Fire Department.”

Logan was at home when he received the call and told the man that he was the fire chief then the man hung up. Logan said when he tried to call back the number was disconnected.

Logan said the Piedmont Fire Department is not soliciting any donations from Piedmont residents.

He said if anyone from Piedmont receives a call like this to not give any money and to call the Piedmont Police Department.

“We are also not affiliated with a group called Metro Firefighters Association,” Logan said. “I have notified the police department and we will put a notification on our website.”

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