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Mayor and Williams to meet

Jeff Williams, president of Williams Foods

Two weeks after saying he would seek legal action against the city, Jeff Williams has a meeting scheduled with Mayor Valerie Thomerson that Williams called a step in the right direction.

Following a council vote earlier this month to continue negotiations with Williams’ attorney concerning $1.9 million in construction assistance, Williams said he was faced with no other choice but to take the city to court. Williams complained that he was unable to communicate with the city council on the issue but now said a meeting between himself and the mayor has him believing that the issue is headed for a agreement.

“I do feel optimistic by this meeting,” Williams said. “I believe the dialogue has started and this is all I have ever asked for.”

Williams and the mayor are scheduled to meet on Thursday. Williams said he called the mayor last week to request a meeting and she told him she had wanted to make a similar request.

“I would love to believe it is headed in the right direction,” Williams said. “I think (the idea to meet) was a mutual thing.”

Williams said he still believed issuing bonds would be in the best interest of both his business and the city of Piedmont and he was hopeful that conversations with the mayor would lead to better communication with the city council.

“I just want to get to where we can make an agreement and move down the road,” Williams said. “(The grocery store) was supposed to be the greatest thing that ever happened to Piedmont, but it got twisted.”

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