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Council approves Comp Plan, Wade Harden explains impact

By Matt Montgomery

The Piedmont City Council officially adopted the 2030 Piedmont Comprehensive Plan after several months of reviewing and passing it back and forth from the planning commission and the council.

Since the 2030 Comprehensive Plan was first drafted several months ago, Piedmont has hired Wade Harden as Community Development director to revise it and comprise a final draft.

Harden said the first thing Piedmont will look at with regard to the comprehensive plan will be zoning. He added that the initial step the city will do before they began a comprehensive study on zoning will be to conduct a visual preference survey starting online in January.

“The actual survey will take a few months, so when we get enough information that we feel comfortable moving forward as we need to,” he said. “We need to get as much information as we can from citizens and stakeholders. Once we get the information that we’re comfortable with, we will move forward with the zoning.”

After the city conducts the visual preference survey they will look into different gateways into Piedmont, and by gateways into Piedmont, that will entail different routes or the best route or corridor into the city.

“One of the major gateways would be Piedmont Road coming in from the Expressway,” Harden said. “There’s somewhat of a gateway there. We have the sign, the trees and the landscaping.”

He said after the gateways are determined, the city will determine a way finding system, which is essentially signage to different places of interest like parks or Old Town Piedmont that is geared toward people who are coming to town.

He said overall getting this comprehensive plan adopted is going to be the first process in a big step forward for Piedmont.

“This is a big step for the community, getting this adopted and setting a framework for things moving forward like the zoning ordinance and the subdivision ordinance,” he said. “This is a big step but there are other big steps the city will take in order to implement this.”

The city has not yet set a date for when the visual preference survey will be available online or in paper form, but will soon, Harden added.

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