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Chamber meeting set for Thursday, March 7

Piedmont City Manager Jim Crosby and Mayor Valerie Thomerson will discuss the upcoming General Obligation Bond election during the Piedmont Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon today (Thursday) at the George Fina Municipal Building.

The Piedmont City Council has developed a $6 million plan to make major repairs to a number of main roads in Piedmont. To fund the project, the council is proposing the bond issue which must be approved by the voters. The election is set for April 2.

If passed, property taxes will increase to pay off the bonds over a 10 year period.

The public is invited to attend the luncheon, and an optional $8 lunch is available from Catering By Regina.

The George Fina Municipal Building is located at 314 Edmond Rd. NW.


  1. JT says:

    Noon on a weekday to discuss the bond issue? Give me a break everyone is at work! How about noon on Saturday when everyone is at home?

  2. john says:

    JT, The chamber only thinks of themselves on scheduling these events, that’s why the chamber has been ineffective for so many years wifh attendance and community participation with all their functions they promote. Very disappointing as this vote will affect every property owner on their property taxes as we are all stakeholders. You would think they would be more accommodating for the citizens to be able to attend to ask questions and educate the voters before the actual vote. Scheduling this event on a Saturday makes perfect sense to me.

  3. Al Ridgely says:

    John,JT,This is how we get treated on important issues,No Public meetings so that the facts will be put out for people to hear,only a few will even know about the impact on their tax’s and some will pomote it as it’s benefitting a few and everyone will pay,ask questions and get branded as a trouble-maker,look at a map and see where the roads areand who they benefit,I drove them and did a Google map of each one before coming to the conclusion that it won’t help me and many like me,notice that the roads are serving track homes,but none are being done outside of a radius of 2 miles from city hall,what else is new,we don’t count,but we get to pay.I have commented on many issues with this and have many agree,let’s see how many vote in the election,only those who care I’d bet.Al Ridgely

  4. Charles Coffman says:

    The city will have a series of meetings at different times to discuss the bond issue. There will be fact materials and Q&A at those times. As we lead up to that you will see several cases where the bond will be discussed as those become available. The regular scheduled chamber lunch is one of those cases where we can speak to a body of citizens. Best regards

  5. Al Ridgely says:

    With only weeks to go until the voting on this bond,Why are the people not getting the imformation that they need to make a choice?,daytime meetings that few can attend is not very good,no other meetings have been put out there as far as I know,so what’s a person to do,GUESS?,so far we have had a lot of talking and no action,why was 164th put in the bond when it was to be done anyway wheather the bond pass’s or not?,who’s planning this?,we have no say in the roads to be done,the council picked them and who knows why,this is not a good plan and will not benefit All the people of this town.In these hard economy we need to watch what we spend and where it goes,Raising tax’s 13% or more will be a burden to a lot of people and benefit only a few,PLEASE look at the maps and see what you think,I have and I drove these roads also,I think this will hurt us down the road as we will not be able to do anymore roads for the time of the bond,or if we do where will that money come from.An already over-taxed Public?and how will we fund a street dept to keep the roads up,we don’t do that now and there is no plan to change that,we hear a lot of talk but no action,I hope that in the future a good solid plan will be put forward that will benefit us all,not just a few,but that won’t happen until the public is involved and heard. Al Ridgely

  6. JT says:

    Al who is your city councilman? I have emailed mine several times and received answers to most of my questions. Your’s should be able to answer most of the questions you have posed here. If they can’t or won’t then I would question their ability to serve.

  7. Al Ridgely says:

    JT, my councilman won’t even talk to me,guess who(Woods),no surprise there as to why,I don’t back down from people who try to bully me,that’s the history with he and I from the start,I hope you read the post from Ed Jones and pass it on to others,or just come around sometime and talk to us,I’m usually home,Ed comes out in the adternoon.I have answers to most questions from people who know what they are talking about,did you even try to get an answer about the drainage fee?,I have been trying for years and Charles did get me some type of answer,but there are a lot of questions about the use of the fee still un-answered,anytime you want to talk please let me know,I’m usually at the council meets also,since I don’t know who you are,Please let me know.Al

  8. JT says:

    Ah yes Mr. Woods. I read Mr. Jones post, and it confirmed my thoughts about Mr. Woods after reading his comments on newspaper stories for several years. I have 5 or 6 screenshots of the ridiculous things he’s posted. He seems like such an angry man at times.

    I know a thing or two about building roads and Mr. Jones was exactly right about modifying the base with fly ash. People think chip and seal is structural, but it’s isn’t. It’s just a seal coat over the underlying material. The oil seals the road from water infiltration and the rock chips just keep the oil off the tires until the oil “sets”. You don’t have to place it directly on the fly ash sub-grade either, you can put down a layer of compacted gravel or agg. base first and then apply the chip seal to it. The problem with chip seal like Mr. Jones said, is it only lasts 6-8 years. You can put out a contract for it and hire a contractor to do it too. If you bundled several together the economy of scale would probably help you get a better price.

    I would not recommend chip and seal for high volume roads that people use to get in and out of town like Piedmont Rd., 164th, 178th etc. It doesn’t stand up to high volumes of truck traffic. It’s best to use hot mix asphalt on those streets. The best that I can understand the city never did any studies to determine the Average Daily Traffic (ADT) on any of its streets. They could have determined the type of work to be done based on how much traffic the street receives and the amount of trucks (%T).

  9. Al Ridgely says:

    JT,Thank You,it seems that we agree on this,I hope more people look and vote to stop this,but I fear that most will just not vote and do as always,think the problem will go away,anyway Please vote on this important issue this April. Al

  10. john says:

    I am not an engineer and will not pretend to know much as any engineer. But a chipand seal road can work even with heavy oil field traffic such as the stretch of road between Calumet and hwy 33. It has always been chip and seal with a gyp base as and its held up very good over the years. However the stretch of road has a stable road base with good drainage.

  11. JT says:

    I just remember what I saw every spring and summer as a child. Garfield county crews would chip and seal several miles of one of the roads going out of town in May. Then when harvest got in full swing the middle of June and the truck traffic got fairly heavy, the chip and seal would almost roll up like a carpet. It just never seemed to hold up well to all the trucks. Of course I’m sure none of them were over their legal weight limit.

    On a mostly residential street, the heaviest load would probably be a garbage truck once a week. That shouldn’t be a problem.

  12. Kate Kearby says:

    been on the agenda of the City Council meetings for about a year, people can speak and ask questions at a city council meeting. The chamber’s monthly lunch, usually attended by a representitive of all the businesses that are members, a few guests sometimes. Is what it is.

    Since the road to Mr Woods house is on the bond?

    the garbage trucks which used to pick up a dumpster at a neighborhood courner and the school busses, now some neighborhoods have 2 or 3 busses 2 times a day running door to door that used to pick up at a courner too.

  13. Al Ridgely says:

    kate, This is how it works at council meetings,if it’s on the agenda people can’t speak about it under citzens speak,and then when it’s brought up on the agenda we can only sit and listen to the council without being able to ask questions and get answers to those questions,it’s true about the chamber lunchs that there could be some dicussion,but these are held during the day,YES the road that Mr. Woods lives on is on the bind list,Funny isn’t it,3 councilmen live on roads to be done.As for the bus’s and trash trucks,they travel roads that are done to sub-standard levels,again we haven’t had a good road done here for as long as I have lived here,example,the Stste did Piedmomt Rd Last between 192nd and Apache and there are pot-hole starting to appear after only 3 years,why?,the drainage was never done right,the ditch’s have not been kept clea and free running and we don’t have the people to do road and drainage work here.Simple fact the bond money will do some roads and they will fall apart before the bond is paid for,does this make sense to anyone,because it doesn’t to me,13% tax hike for all to do a few roads that are not even main roads or serve the larger population,hope the vote is no in April,still don’t see any public Q&A meetings about the bond,so The public will not have much in the way of facts about it.Al Ridgely

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