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Archive for: February 2013

Piedmont Chamber awards The Piedmont-Surrey Gazette December Business of the Month

Matt Montgomery/Gazette
The Piedmont Chamber of Commerce awarded Piedmont-Surrey Gazette Advertising Director Randy Anderson and The Piedmont-Surrey Gazette with the Chamber’s December Business of the Month Award Thursday at the Chamber’s monthly meeting.

Canadian County Assessor gives presentation at Thursday’s Chamber meeting

Matt Montgomery/Gazette
Canadian County Assessor Matt Wehmuller spoke to the Chamber of Commerce audience Thursday afternoon about how their taxes are evaluated and where their money goes.

City temporarily fixes pot-holes on Washington Ave.

Matt Montgomery/Gazette
The City of Piedmont filled in pot-holes last Tuesday on Washington Ave., just west of Piedmont Road.

By Matt Montgomery

The City of Piedmont filled in the pot-holes that riddle the section of Piedmont Road to the Intermediate School Tuesday morning.

That same section of Washington from Piedmont Rd. to Candice Rd. is scheduled to be resurfaced with a chip and seal method if Piedmont voters pass the bond issue on April 2.

Piedmont City Manager Jim Crosby said that section of road is not only heavily traveled by commuters but also by school buses full of kids and is in dire need of repair.

“That road has just been in terrible shape and it’s not a good road to begin with,” Crosby said. “Those buses run the heck out of that road.”

Crosby said the city is trying to keep that stretch of road in as good of shape as possible until the end of the school year.

When school is out at Piedmont Intermediate, the City of Piedmont will be able to begin work on that stretch, if voters vote for it in the upcoming election.

If the voters pass the $6 million bond issue on April 2, not only will Washington Ave., from Piedmont Road to Candice be repaired, but so will several other major road repair projects throughout Piedmont.

Veterans group receives tax exemption

By Matt Montgomery

The Piedmont Area Veterans, Inc. recently received their 501(c) 19 tax exemption from the State of Oklahoma, announced Veterans Spokesperson John Bickerstaff in an email.

By getting approved for the 501(c) 19 tax exemption, the Piedmont Area Veterans, Inc. can now receive tax-free donations from the community.

Since its conception last year, the veterans group has been seeking donations for the Piedmont Area Veterans annex building.

The donated land from local developer Phil Boevers is located just west of the intersection of Piedmont Road and Edmond Road.

Last week, Bickerstaff went before the Piedmont City Council asking that the council wave some of their building fees and Board of Adjustment fee. After discussion from the council, they postponed their decision indefinitely.

Bickerstaff said in an email that the Veterans group is still working with the City of Piedmont to work out the Board of Adjustment issue and that process is moving forward.

“Far too many rumors surround this project,” Bickerstaff said in his email. “All this organization committee wants to do is build a building that will honor our veterans, along with your help.”

The Piedmont Area Veterans have also built a facebook page as of a couple of months ago.

Watch for updates.

DUCK Week draws Duck Dynasty star

By Matt Montgomery

Matt Montgomery/Gazette
A&E’s Duck Dynasty star, Jase Robertson, will kick off DUCK Week March 9 at Yukon High School with an hour-long featured speech.

The rumors are true. Piedmont High School has managed to get A&E’s Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson to speak at 7 p.m., Sunday, March 10, during the DUCK Week kick off concert at Yukon High School.

DUCK Week coordinator Alissa Antwine said tickets for the concert featuring Robertson will go on sale sometime in the next couple of weeks at Piedmont High School. There are no online sales.
She said Robertson will give about a 45 minute to an hour speech about his faith and his family. He will also talk about DUCK Week.

Because DUCK Week is a week devoted to raising money for needy recipients, the high school will be offering V.I.P. tickets for $100 that include a front-row seat in front of the stage and a signed picture with Robertson and his wife, Missy. Antwine said the V.I.P. tickets are limited, with only 100 to 150 available.

Standard tickets for the event are $25.

“We are limiting the V.I.P. tickets to 100 for right now,” she said. “We haven’t sold any yet but they want to buy them.” Read more →

Monday, Feb.4 Piedmont Planning Commission meeting postponed

Staff Reports

The Piedmont Planning Commission rescheduled its Monday, Feb. 4 meeting. The meeting was originally scheduled for 7 p.m., at the George Fina Municipal Building.

However, since the planning commission had no new items on the agenda, the commission meeting has been postponed. A date and time for the next meeting hasn’t been finalized.

One thing that Piedmont Community Development Director Wade Harden said about the next planning commission meeting is, there will be some discussion about the 2030 Comprehensive plan and also Harden should have an online public survey ready for the next meeting.

Harden also said he looks forward to the results of the details of the finalized 2030 Comprehensive Plan. In addition, he said he is looking forward to getting the community survey online.

Ward I City Council filing period approaches interested parties

Staff Reports
Candidates who wish to run for Piedmont’s Ward 1 city council seat have from Feb. 4 to 6 to file for the city council seat. Larry Gage has held this position since 2007.

Residents living in Ward 1 have from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Feb.4, 5 and 6 to declare their bid for candidacy for the soon-to-be vacant Ward 1 seat, currently held by two-time councilman Larry Gage, Piedmont.

The original Piedmont Charter states that anyone who runs for the seat and wins, must hold their new role in Ward 1 for a term of no less than three years.

To register to be on the upcoming April 2, General Obligation bond ballot, one must reside in Ward 1.

For voters, absentee ballots will be allowed for this election. the Piedmont precincts and polling places will remain the same as they were in the past, for local, state and national elections.

The $6 million G.O bond and vacant Ward 1 seat are the only two options for voters April 2.

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