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Archive for: August 2012

Inexperience shows in loss to Deer Creek

By Greg Evans

Piedmont struggled to move the ball on Friday night at Deer Creek and the lack of experience on both sides of the ball was partially the reason. The Wildcats dropped the opening game of the year 52-13.

The Wildcats came out of the gate with a pair of false start penalties and set the tone for a disappointing debut. Deer Creek took the ball to the house on the ensuing drive. Piedmont’s offensive woes continued on their next possession as the Wildcats tried to establish the running game. A fumbled snap and a couple Antler plays later and Piedmont found themselves in a two score deficit at the 7:27 mark of the first quarter. Deer Creek lead 35-0 after one.

Deer Creek got great field position on each of the first half possessions, which set up the easy scores. Piedmont wasn’t able to record a first down until the second quarter, when they were already down 35-0. The Wildcats were finally able to put a bit of a drive together early in the second quarter but a 100-yard pick six by Deer Creek took the wind out of Piedmont’s sails.

Deer Creek went into the half with a 42-0 lead and stretched that lead to 52-0 before Piedmont was able to get on the board.

Darrius Burris connected with Christian Foster on a 49-yard touchdown pass and catch early in the fourth quarter. After the missed extra point, Colby Bricker was able to step in front of an Antler pass and take it to the house. Read more →

Several crowned winners at Little Miss Piedmont Pageant

Photo provided
The winners are from left to right: Karstin Allsup – Jr. Miss Piedmont, Keyanna Salmon – Jr. Miss NW OKC, Cora Beth Taylor – Piedmonts Most Talented, Kylee Brown – Jr. Miss Heartland, Paige Ingram – Little Miss NW OKC, Emma Kate Webb – Little Miss Piedmont, Kalyssa Guillory and Kaitlin Brook tied for Little Miss Heartland, Emma Grace Odell – Tiny Miss NW OKC, Kinsley Taylor – Tiny Miss Piedmont, Savannah Whiting – Toddler Miss Piedmont and Adele Alsop was crowned Baby Miss Piedmont and Piedmonts Most Photogenic.

Council makes appointments to charter revision committee

Roger Pugh

The Piedmont City Council created a City Charter Revision Committee Monday and each council member and the mayor appointed two citizens each to the body to review the current charter.

Discussions about a charter review surfaced in recent months after the courts had to determine the charter’s intent on several issues concerning litigation in which the city was involved. Some current and former council members have also complained certain matters are not covered in the charter, and in some cases, the charter is vague.

The council agreed last month to form a committee to look over the charter and make recommendations for changes in the document. Council members also agreed that each individual council member would submit a list of items to the committee they would like the group to review and consider adding or revising.

At the insistence of Councilman Charles Coffman, the council decided to give the committee six months from the date of the committee’s first meeting to report back to the council.

Any changes the committee recommends and the council agrees to would have to go before the voters for final approval.

Councilman Donnie Robinson named Brad Waller and Kevin Hopkins to the committee while Coffman tabbed Mike Francis and former Mayor John Bickerstaff to the group. Councilman Albert Albert Gleichmann chose Jerry Basler and Jason Knight to serve on the committee while Mayor Valerie Thomerson tabbed Kathy Tahiri and Former Mayor, Judge Ken Dickerson. Pat Murphey and Bobby Williamson were selected to by Councilman Vernon Woods, while Councilman Larry Gage selected Bill Long and Jerry Anduss, who was a Piedmont Mayor before the community changed from a town to a city.

No date has been set for the first committee meeting.

New stop sign will take some getting used to

By Matt Montgomery
News Editor

Piedmont City Manager Jim Crosby said the city installed new stop signs at 164th Street and Piedmont Road, not in an effort to try to give out citations, but to protect the kids at the new Piedmont Intermediate.

He said the city originally posted the signs last Friday night, but were afraid no one would see them, so they decided to send out a voice message to residents.

“I had them taken down, and then today we rented these electronic billboards to let people know,” Crosby said. “When dark comes, they can adjust to them.”

Crosby noted the intersection at 164th Street and Piedmont Road is the most accident prone in the entire City.

The city will keep the billboards up for two weeks.

He added that there are some yellow signs behind the stop signs that should allow people to see the new stop signs better.

“We want to give people time to try to adjust,” he said. “That area is a very high accident location for Piedmont.”

He said they certainly want to give everybody the benefit, so they are trying to issue as many warnings as they can, before they start issuing citations.

Piedmont Police Chief Alex Oblein said that is a bad intersection, and because everyone is used to not having a stop sign there, they are more likely to run that.

As he stood by the new stop sign on Monday, he said he observed a lot of people running the stop signs. He said about one in nine people were running the intersection on Monday.

“The vast majority of people have been running it,” Oblein said. “Some of them are going 35 mph as they go through the stop sign area.”

He added people are running the stop signs when there aren’t a lot of cars on that road.

“The people going east and west need to be cautious,” Oblein said. “Don’t count on everybody going north and south are going to stop; they aren’t used to it.”

Council continues study of west side annexation

Roger Pugh

The Piedmont City Council again Monday looked at the possibility of annexing land in the area where N.W. 164th intersects with the Northwest Highway, west of Piedmont.

However, the council decided to carry over the discussion to next month. This came after councilman Vernon Woods said the area shown on a map prepared for council consideration was not exactly the area he had in mind for annexation.
“I want to go south of the highway, then east and west,” Woods said. He said the area had strong potential for future commercial development.

Woods told the council he would outline the specific area he’d like to see brought into the city and have the names of the landowners in time for next month’s council meeting.

City Attorney Mike Segler told the council that there are two ways a city can take land into its boundaries from outside its present limits.

He said the first was by petition from the landowner(s) wanting to be annexed into the city limits. The second was for the city to get permission from the property owners to annex their land into the city limits.

The council was told there are about five affected land owners in the area on the map the council had before it Monday. Read more →

Lady Wildcats have won eight of last nine games

By Greg Evans

Piedmont softball is on a tear right now having won eight of their last nine games. If not for some unlucky breaks against Lindsay on Monday, the Lady Wildcats would be riding a nine game win streak.

On Tuesday, Piedmont traveled to Bridge Creek and escaped with a 2-0 victory.

“We won 2-0 in a tough game,” Coach Rick Scott said. “Courtney Anderson and Kassidy Scott pitched well. Courtney pitched four innings and Kassidy pitched four. Between the two of them they threw a shutout. It went into one extra inning and we made the perfect throw to win it. Kylie (Palmer) threw it to first and then the throw from first to third was perfect for us to get the double play. We were hitting the ball hard but it was right at them. We couldn’t make it work. We found a way to win, though. Madi Morris hit a shot down the third base line that hit the third baseman and scored a run. They walked in another run, that was all we needed to win.”

Piedmont dropped a 1-0 decision to Lindsay on Monday at home. Of the Lady Wildcats’ three losses, two have come within Piedmont city limits.

“We didn’t go to play,” Scott said of Monday’s game. “We played defensively well enough to win. Kassidy pitched a three hitter. I can’t take anything away from Lindsay, they did a good job and played error free softball. They got timely hits and we got timely hits we didn’t capitalize on them.” Read more →

Photo Gallery: Volleyball falls in four sets to Carl Albert

Piedmont volleyball squared off against Carl Albert on Tuesday. The Lady Wildcats fell to the Lady Titans in four sets; 17-25, 19-25, 26-24, 15-25. Read the full story in this week’s Piedmont-Surrey Gazette.





Elements of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan get once over

By Roger Pugh

The local task force charged with working with the consulting firm hired by Piedmont to create a new comprehensive plan for the city began looking at the transportation and economic development elements of the new plan Tuesday.

“Probably, outside land use, transportation is the most important element of the plan,” Rick Leisner of Jacobs, told the task force. Jacobs is the consulting firm working with the city on the plan.

He noted roadway considerations in the plan take into account that increased automobile access needs to be designed into all school facilities, better intersection control and signalization is needed as demand is defined for all public intersections, and a divided roadway section for Piedmont Road from the Northwest Highway to Edmond Road will be best for safety and image appeal arriving into Piedmont.

The task force also modified another recommendation to say that all roads require good maintenance as related to traffic.

The plan recommendation goes on to say bar ditches and natural drainage adjacent to streets and roads is part of the rural character desired by residents. Finally among roadway considerations, the plan says roadway improvements need to be supported by land developers paying a fair share of cost due to traffic impacts. Read more →

Piedmont’s sales tax check down from last year

By Roger Pugh

Piedmont’s August sales tax check was down slightly from a year ago, according to the Oklahoma Tax Commission’s monthly report on sales tax collections and distribution.

The commission reported it sent Piedmont $134,536.69 this August, compared to $136,700.64 for the same period a year ago.

The August check represents local sales tax receipts primarily for the month of June.

Piedmont collects local sales tax at the rate of five percent.
The August remittance to cities and towns in the area for June business were mixed, with some nearby communities showing a slight increase over the same period a year ago, with others showing a slight downturn.

Cashion. Which charges four percent local sales tax, collected $11,486 this August, compared to $15,139.86 same time last year, while Okarche, with a rate of 4.5 percent, was way up, collecting $159,088.86 compared to$61,111.74 in August, 2011.

Kingfisher was down slightly, collecting $214,925.50 this August, while last year, the check for the same period to that city was $$244,095.35. Kingfisher collects sales tax at a rate of three percent.

El Reno was also down slightly this month from the same period a year ago.
This August, El Reno, with a four percent rate, collected $766,428.29 while last year the figure was $774,334.13.
Yukon, which also collects at four percent, was also up this period over last year.

Yukon received a check this August for $1,440,424.42, and last year, that city received $1,416,799.982. Mustang was also slightly up, taking in $684,505.23 compared to $645,113.39 in August, 2011. Mustang has a four percent rate.
Statewide, the tax commission returned $128,606,231 in sales tax collections to 509 cities and towns, which is an increase of $7,551,761 over the $121,054.70 distributed to 508 cities and towns a year ago.

Sales tax returns to Canadian County was up this August, with the county taking in $668.512.59 while last year, the county received $492.123.55 on a rate of .035.

Kingfisher County saw a downturn in its check, with $153,309.25 going to its coffers this year compared to $173996.53 a year earlier.

The rate of county sales tax in Kingfisher did drop this year to 0.075 compared to one percent a year earlier.

Staying friends over the years

By Matt Montgomery
News Editor

Making friends is hard enough when you’re in first grade, but if you make the right friends that bond of friendship can last through high school and maybe for the rest of life.

Piedmont High School seniors Kaitlyn Cornman, Ashley Almond and Morgan Phillips started their friendship more than 12 years ago, sitting next to each other in class, playing on the swings and having sleep overs at each other’s houses.

Most of the time, people drift away from each other over the years, it’s just a part of life. However, these three girls have remained friends for 12 years, still hang out at each other’s houses and still go to school together.
Cornman said her mom and Almond’s mom are really good friends, so that has helped keep them in touch for so long.

They said they don’t hang out as much these days because Almond plays basketball for Piedmont and Cornman is on the Piedmont cheer squad.
After high school, the girls may move to different parts of the state, but they plan to stay in touch with each other.

Phillips and Cornman said they plan to attend Oklahoma State University and room together in the dorms at Stillwater. Almond said she plans to try out for a Division II college basketball team, but doesn’t have a particular college in mind.

Cornman and Almond said they can still remember all the good times they have shared together over the years.

“We can still go back and talk about all the things that we used to do,” Almond said.

Cornman could remember a time when the girls went mattress surfing together. She said her friend had a barn with a lot of mattresses in it, and the girls would climb on the mattresses together.

Almond recalled the time when Cornman first moved into her new house and the girls slid down the stairs in sleeping bags.

Matt Montgomery/Gazette
From left to right are Morgan Phillips, Ashley Almond and Kaitlyn Corman. This picture was taken last Thursday at Piedmont High School. It was the first day of their senior year.
This picture was taken in 2000 when the same three girls, standing in the same order, from left to right, were standing in front of Piedmont Primary School for the start of Kindergarten.

The girls said they would never forget the memories that have kept them friends all these years and plan to stay in contact with each other as long as they can.

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