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Archive for: September 2011

Piedmont shuts out Lady Jets, remains No. 5 in state

Senior outfielder Courtney Miller lays down a bunt against Western Heights on Tuesday. (Photo by Greg Evans)

Piedmont capped a three win week on Tuesday with a shutout victory over Western Heights. The Lady Wildcats scored eight runs in four innings to run rule the visiting Lady Jets.

Jordan Chism got the start on the mound for Piedmont and struck out two batters in four innings. She allowed just one hit. Jamie Lowrie struck out one and walked two in the top of the fifth.

Chism and Courtney Miller both knocked in two runs, Caitlyn Deason and Hayley Baie brought in one a piece. Emma Nelson also put down a bunt that allowed a run to score on a Western Heights error.

Miller knocked out a triple, Bre Davis hit a double, Chism hit a pair of singles and Deason Nelson and Hannah Morris each hit a single as well.

Piedmont started the game with a single run in the first, but quickly built on their lead by scoring three in the second and four in the third. The Piedmont defense played solid behind their pitchers all night and didn’t allow the Lady Jets to get going.

The Lady Wildcats traveled to Woodward last week and played Woodward and Guymon. Piedmont swept the double-header by beating Guymon 13-1 and Woodward 12-2. Last week’s games moved Piedmont’s record to 16-3 on the season.

The Lady Wildcats play in the OU Tournament this weekend. Piedmont will play Blanchard, Edmond Santa Fe, Meeker, Deer Creek and Carl Albert at the tournament. Each of those teams is ranked in the top 10 of their respective classes. The Lady Wildcats will then travel to Deer Creek next Monday and then hosts Mount Saint Mary’s on Tuesday. This week will be a huge challenge for the Lady Wildcats but it is a great chance for the team to learn, grow and get better.

Cross Country teams take second in Weatherford

Both Piedmont High School teams placed second last weekend in Weatherford. (Photo by Oralia Rein)

Piedmont’s Cross Country teams continued their strong start to the 2011 season last weekend in Weatherford. Both high school teams placed second and the middle school teams both brought home gold.

“The high school boys continue to improve,” Coach Roger White said. “Their average time was 29.39 seconds faster than last week and they are 56.19 seconds faster right now than they were this time last year.”

Guthrie was the only team to beat Piedmont.

Daniel Smola had his first top ten finish with a two mile time of 11 minutes 25.74 seconds, which was good for ninth. Tanner Larson and Jonathan Halko were 20th and 21st with times of 11:53.84 and 11:54.84. Ryan Lang ran a 12:00.63 and placed 24th. Brandon Gaines and Tyler Wade were 27th and 28th with times of 12:06.91 and 12:12.89. Eric Silva finished the course in 12:48.49. Seven J.V. runners medaled freshman Colton Watters ran a 12:15.66 which was good for second. Ian Dooley was sixth with a 12:41.37. Collin Murphy and Spencer Gray were 12th and 14th with times of 12:51.04 and 12:52.1. Jordan White ran a 13 flat which was good for 16th. J. C. Bryan was 18th and Edgar Silva was 22nd.

“The high school girls also brought home the runner-up trophy, and were second only to Mount Saint Mary’s,” White said. “They were without freshman Caitlin Lewis, who finished third last year at Middle School State or they may have won it.”

Freshman Breanne Grothe finished seventh witha time of 6:17. Lexi Bingham and Bianca Cardenas were 18th and 25th. Allison Smola and Haleigh McAnally had times of 6:46 and 6:47 to finish 27th and 28th. Paige Anderson and Lindsey Hagen were 43rd and 82nd. Two junior varsity girls brought home medals. Devin Taylor and Hannah Bethel were 11th and 19th with times of 8:06.63 and 8:50.62.

The next varsity meet will be at Norman on Friday at 1 p.m. The meet starts behind Irving Middle School.

Middle School

“The M.S. girls captured their second straight title and improving their score by 3 point,” White said.

Keli Patterson and Kylie Burris were third and fourth with times of 6:32.59 and 6:36.39. Sydney Lang ran a 6:49.09 which was good for 10th. Xaley Yousey and Taylor Hedrick were 17th and 18th with times of 6:59.01 and 7:02.76. Ragen McColl and Katherine Bethel were 26th and 29th with times of 7:10.76 and 7:13.62. Zoe Jindra was 34th with a time of 7:18.45. Skylar Donell, Taylor Clowers and Brooke Spears also ran.

The middle school boys were lead by the Rein twins Jarred Rein fifth and Justin Rein 14th with times of 5:51.63 and 6:15. Ethan Taylor was 18th with a time of 6:18.77. Christian Brown and Jordan Jenkins finished in 6:26.4 and 6:29.65 which was good for 22nd and 26th. Dawson Clemmons and Devin Bingham were 29th and 30th with times of 6:34.86 and 6:37.78. Others who finished the mile course were; Conner McIntosh 6:53.91, Hunter Clemmons 7:02.8, Jeff Gaines 7:11.17, Trace Larson 7:37.38, Ryan Murphy 7:45.52 and Kaleb McIntyre with a 8:37.94.

The middle school runners will run in the Makin Tracks run this Saturday at 7:30 a.m.

Couple copes with storm’s damage through humor

Barbara and Jerry Johnson have made decorating a statue in front of their Piedmont home a tradition and after a recent storm damaged their property they used the statues as a way to bring humor to the situation. (Photo by Greg Evans)

Anyone who has driven on Edmond Rd. west of Piedmont Rd. has probably noticed the statue of twin boys which sits in front of Barbara and Jerry Johnson’s house. The boys seem to always have seasonal headgear on and have recently been spotted sporting construction helmets.

During the Aug. 8 storm, a camping trailer was thrown against the Johnson’s home. The trailer, which belonged to one of their sons, caused extensive damage to the west side of the home.

“We were in Creede, Colorado at the time,” Barbara said. “Our friends helped us while we were gone by putting tarps over the damage and they started to clean up while we were driving back.”

“We left Creede almost as soon as we heard about the damage and got back home at around 2 a.m. the next day,” Jerry said. “You always paint a mental picture of what something like this was going to be like, and it was much worse than we had imagined. We’re very thankful for our friends who helped us and our boys who immediately came out to look at the house.”

When the couple got back and started to clear away debris, one of their sons said the boys need construction helmets.

“I was kind of confused when he said that,” Barbara said. “I thought that we were a little bit past the construction helmet phase, but he said ‘no, for the boys.’ So, we went to Party Galaxy and they had the construction helmets and caution tape. When people would come to help us, they would be ready to work but we were out decorating the boys. It’s a way for us to keep humor in this whole situation.”

Barbara and Jerry say that decorating the statue of the twin boys comes from the fact that they are retired school teachers who were always used to decorating their bulletin boards for class. After their sons moved away and the Johnsons moved to Piedmont, they thought the front of their home needed some kind of decoration. In the RV park they visit in Colorado, many people express themselves by using statues and they saw the statues in Edmond and thought it might be interesting to have one for their home. When they saw the statue of twin boys, like their twin boys, they couldn’t pass it up.

“When we saw the inquisitive boys (on the ladder) we thought it would be perfect for us,” Jerry said. “Our boys were always getting into something. The first time we decorated them was around Christmas time. Our boys were always big into putting up Christmas lights, and we thought it would be fun to make it look like the boys were hanging up lights but weren’t quite done yet.”

Jerry strung some lights from the corner of the house and draped it down to where the statue was and the rest, one might say, is history. Santa hats and scarves soon followed.

“In March, we have fishing hats on them because we always have liked to go fishing,” Barbara said. “When July comes, they hold flags and wear baseball caps. Then in the fall out come the football helmets. Our daughter-in-law is an OU graduate and our son went to OSU, so we had to have both schools. But let’s just say the OSU helmet is placed in the ‘right’ place. Halloween is always fun because we dress them up like Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart.”

The Johnsons say the community has noticed the statues and people are always wondering what the boys are going to do next. Several people have mentioned that the statue is something they always look for when driving down Edmond Rd.

“It might seem a little childish to some,” Barbara said, “but we try to keep the humor in everything and keep us smiling. Now that the construction is done on our home, we’re putting away the hard hats. It’s football season.”

VIDEO: Bricker’s TD pass to Green

Near the end of the first quarter, Piedmont took a 14-7 lead following a touchdown pass from Collin Bricker to James Green. The Wildcats fell to Deer. Creek 38-31 in its season-opening game but a comeback effort in the final quarter gave Piedmont something to hang its hat on going forward.

Piedmont rally falls short in season-opening loss to Deer Creek

A Piedmont rally fell short as the Wildcats lost its season opener to Deer Creek, 38-31. (Photo by Greg Evans)

Last season, Piedmont was plagued by disappointing second halves. Against Deer Creek on Friday, the Wildcats mounted a furious comeback that fell short against their rivals 38-31.

Piedmont started the contest on the ground with Cassius Calhoun and Collin Bricker combining to pick up the team’s first first down. While the Wildcats were forced to punt on that first drive, it showed that Piedmont could move the ball on Deer Creek.

On the opposite side of the ball, the Antler’s toss sweep allowed Deer Creek running backs to gain huge chunks of yardage and the Antlers scored their opening touchdown. That lead would only last for about 30 seconds as Bricker and Christian Foster connected on a long catch and run for Piedmont’s first score.

“We played our butts off tonight,” Foster said after the game. Foster finished with five receptions for 223 yards and two touchdowns. “We’d been working on that type of play a lot. That work is paying off, but we have to go hard in practice and keep getting better and keep playing together.”

Another Bricker to Foster connection brought the Wildcats into the redzone near the end of the first quarter. A quick toss over the middle to James Green gave Piedmont its first and only lead of the game at 14-7.

Piedmont closed out the first quarter with momentum on their side, but Deer Creek stole that momentum right back with a long run early in the second quarter to tie the game. The special teams play of the game came in the second quarter, when Piedmont pinned Deer Creek at the one on a great punt and ball awareness by the coverage team.

Deer Creek ended the first half with a long bomb that put them up 21-14 and a last second field goal for a 24-14 halftime lead.
The quarterback run game lead to Deer Creek’s first score of the second half. Sacks by Cameron Cowan and Darrius Burris threatened to start a Piedmont rally, but Deer Creek blocked the Wildcats’ next punt and returned it for a touchdown, giving the Antlers their biggest lead of the night at 38-14.

Piedmont responded with another long distance connection between Bricker and Foster and converted the two point conversion to bring the score within 16.

Piedmont’s rally continued after Hunter Winkle recovered a Deer Creek fumble near midfield and Bricker and Dylan Broyles hooked up for a 46 yard touchdown on the following drive to bring the Wildcats within 10.

A full defensive effort ended a Deer Creek drive early and a couple complete passes to Foster and Green helped Piedmont get close enough to hit a field goal and bring the game down to single digits.

However, Deer Creek recovered a Piedmont onside attempt and slowly melted away the final ticks on the clock.
“We played hard,” Bricker said. “We came out in the second half and we didn’t quit.”

Despite the loss, Piedmont took some big steps as a team since its last scrimmage and that didn’t go unnoticed by Coach Craig Church.

“Honestly, our improvement is like night and day,” Church said. “We had some key mistakes, busted assignments and we had a punt blocked. Those are all frustrations, but we fought back. We had a different amount of kids that stepped up and made plays. Defensive linemen pressured the quarterback and wide receivers made plays. We’re going to get in film and correct those easy mistakes. There were no physical mismatches (against Deer Creek). I’m excited about this fall. I’ve felt like we have come a long way in a couple weeks.”

Piedmont will play at Harrah next week.

Red Rooster owner does not plan to reopen

The wheels of the cabooses at the Red Rooster were recently placed back on their tracks but will need further repairs before the cabooses can be reattached. (Photo by Ben Felder)

The owner of a bed and breakfast housed in two iconic cabooses said she does not plan to reopen after the May 24 tornado knocked both train cars on their side.

Debbie Morse, owner of the Red Rooster Guest Cabooses and Inn, said the cost to repair the cabooses is too much and that all her insurance money went to repair her log cabin home, which sits next to the cabooses. The Red Rooster is located southwest of Piedmont on Northwest Expressway and was located in the direct path of the powerful tornado that hit the area earlier this year. Morse said she had hoped to repair the cabooses and reopen but is now just hoping to sell them instead of dismantling the cabooses for scraps.

“I have looked at getting a loan to (fix the) cabooses and sell them so at least I don’t have to destroy them,” she said. “That would be heartbreaking.”

The two cabooses, named the Red Rooster and the Prairie Chicken, were turned into private suits in 2007 when Morse opened the bed and breakfast. One caboose came from Fremont, Neb., and the other from Ada, Okla. The tornado crossed the expressway where the bed and breakfast was located and knocked both cabooses on their side. While the tornado traveled north, both train cars were left to the south of where they originally stood on tracks.

The owner of the Red Rooster Cabooses and Inn said she does not plan to reopen after the bed and breakfast was damaged in the May 24 tornado. (Photo by Ben Felder)

The wheels of both cars were recently placed back on the non-operating tracks but Morse said the wheels would need to be repaired before the cabooses could be reattached. Both cars are also need a lot of repairs.

“If I leave them on the ground they will rust,” Morse said. “I need to at least get them off the ground.”

Morse’s home was located on the bed and breakfast property and is a log cabin that she built in 2005. The home also suffered damage from the tornado.

“I just don’t think I will be able to reopen,” she said.

Morse also said she is trying to work on a plan to haul away a lot of debris left by the tornado. Her home is not located in a municipality and she had hoped to contact the city of Piedmont to see if its debris removal service could help her out.

“I’m kind of in no-man’s land,” Morse said. “I’m not sure what to do.”

Piedmont – Deer Creek game site changed to Yukon

It was announced Wednesday afternoon that this Friday’s Piedmont-Deer Creek football game will be taking place at the Old Yukon Stadium.

The stadium is located just off Garth Brooks Blvd. in Yukon. The game will start at the same time, 7:30 p.m., and Piedmont will be the visiting team.

School officials said renovations to Deer Creek’s stadium would not be complete by game time and the decision was made to find another site.

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