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Archive for: July 2011

County extends burn ban to July 5

After announcing a burn ban earlier this week, the Canadian County Board of Commissioners met again on Friday and extended the ban until July 5.

Fireworks are already illegal in the city limits of Piedmont, and police have said they will be especially tough on firework users this week (see related story), but the extended ban would make it illegal to shoot fireworks anywhere in Canadian County.

The ban makes it illegal to purposefully set any fire, including campfires, bonfires or fires to burn trash and debris, until 9 a.m. on July 5. Public planned fireworks displays will be allowed with adequate fire supervision, including the Fourth of July celebration planned in Piedmont for Monday.

Police ready to enforce fireworks ban

Fireworks are banned in the city limits of Piedmont.

Fireworks have always been illegal in Piedmont but this year local police say they are stepping up enforcement on July 4 as the region suffers from extremely dry conditions.

Shooting off fireworks is banned in the city limits of Piedmont but in years past the police have often issued warnings to residents and asked them to stop shooting off fireworks. However, with western and central Oklahoma experiencing a drought that has increased the risk of fire, Police Chief Jerry Koester said his department will be issuing citations to any resident caught discharging fireworks.

“We are taking it very seriously this holiday,” Koester said. “It’s just too dangerous to be shooting off fireworks and no one wants to have their home burned down because of a firework.”

Koester said it has been common in years past for residents to shoot of fireworks on Independence Day, especially following the community fireworks show. This year police will not be issuing warnings and instead will give citations.

Despite the ban on fireworks, the community show will happen on July 4 during the town’s Independence Day celebration.

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