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Archive for: December 2010

WHITE: Your vote can make a difference for Piedmont Schools

James White, superintendent of the Piedmont Public School District, writes about the importance of the Dec. 14 bond election.

By James White

Superintendent of Piedmont Schools

On Tuesday, December 14 the patrons of Piedmont Public Schools will be asked to approve a bond issue that will provide the funds needed for construction of Piedmont Intermediate. This new school would serve as a fifth- and sixth-grade center.

Since 2006, Piedmont has grown by over 750 students. As our school enrollment continues to grow at this rapid pace, it is imperative that we continue to provide the space to meet the needs of our students. This new facility would be scheduled to open in August of 2012.

If passage of this bond proposal is successful, there will be no tax increase. The bonds that are being voted on will not be sold until the current bonds are paid off. These “series bonds” are vital to a district that has grown as quickly as Piedmont.

The proposed new school will help alleviate overcrowding at four of our school sites. By moving the 5th grade students out of our current three elementary schools, we will open existing classrooms that will be needed in the very near future. Much needed space would also become available at the middle school with the relocation of the 6th grade students. Each of these four school sites are virtually at capacity.

Piedmont Intermediate will have 24 classrooms, which will include four science labs. In addition, the school will also have a library, band room, vocal room, cafeteria, and full-sized gymnasium. The cafeteria will have a stage and complete sound and video capabilities. This will be a perfect venue for school and community performances and events.

We have received questions in the past few weeks about the possibility of new athletic facilities and a performing arts center. Please be assured these types of facilities are in our future plans. We would love to have modern facilities in which to showcase our talented musicians and athletes. Unfortunately, classroom space must be the priority with the current bond issue. It is our belief that the proposed bond issue is the best option for providing more classroom space for the most students, where the need is greatest. Placing students into portable buildings due to a lack of space is a scenario we would like to avoid if at all possible. We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to create the much needed classrooms without increasing the tax burden on our patrons.

Piedmont is a top destination for families contemplating relocation and Piedmont Public Schools plays a large role in that decision. We want to thank you for all the support you have given the school in the past and we would also ask that you help us continue the progress by supporting this bond issue on December 14th.

If you would like more information on this proposal, I encourage you to visit our school website at www.piedmontschools.org. You may also contact me by e-mail at james.white@piedmontschools.org or by phone at 373-2311.

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